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  • 1

    Practical Pronunciation Lessons

    As a friend once said "Pronunciation isn't the icing on the cake. It IS the cake." If you want to sound natural and avoid embarrassing mistakes, you need to improve your pronunciation. Lucky you, that's what you'll learn this week.

  • 2

    Tricky aspects of English

    Strange pronouns, phrasal verbs, different tenses, and -ing or -ed... Week 2 is all about correcting those "little" mistakes that will make your English sound more natural. Small changes, but a big difference!

  • 3

    American culture and mentality

    Language is more than just words, it's also culture, customs, and what people really want to say. Introduce yourself correctly, understand the real message behind "Let's get together", and answer "How are you?" the right way!

  • 4

    How tos in the USA

    A trip to the USA means renting a car, going to restaurants, and making phone calls, and checking out at the supermarket. Get the English expressions you need to make your road trip in the US a fun success!

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