Hey ! I’m Christina and I’ll help you improve your English. 

My objective is to make it fun and easy to learn American English!  

Maybe you've studied English for 10 years, but you still have difficulties speaking fluently...

Or you panic at the idea of a job interview in English...

Maybe you want to learn everyday English for conversations, business English...

And English for traveling and watching movies...

 You’re in the right place !

 Welcome to the Speak English Community!

I've been teaching since 2004. In my career, I've seen so many "miracle solutions" on how to learn English that don't work. And they're not fun.

I'm from the USA, but I work in France. Like you, I learned to speak another language. I speak fluent French, a little Italian, and a little German. So just like you, I'm a language learner. That's why I want to share with you my best lessons on how to improve your English.

English is a living language. It's the international language. It helps us communicate to make new friends, do business, and travel the around the world. That's why I started Speak English with Christina and created the Speak English community.

The Speak English with Christina Community (That's you!)

I love sharing my language, my culture, and my best tips on how to improve English. There are so many great things to discover about American English and culture. 

For example, do you know what to say if an American asks "How are you today?" The answer is in one of my most popular Speak English with Christina lessons. Click here to watch it. 

No one else will share these secrets with you. 

You'll find many more in my Speak English with Christina lessons. Every week I send you a new lesson, if you're a member of the Speak English community.

In the community, we laugh, we have fun, you learn American English and together we motivate inspire each other to progress.

Members of the Speak English Community are called Speak English Ambassadors. 


Because when you use English to speak to people from different countries, you're an Ambassador. You represent your country and your culture. Learning a new language opens doors to you if you speak English well. Speaking English gives you great professional opportunities. It helps you make new friends.

That's why, with the Speak English Community, we're creating a community of curious, open-minded Ambassadors who like learning, traveling, meeting new people and becoming fluent in English.

If you feel like you have no one to practice English with, join the Speak English Community! You'll find an Ambassador to help you improve your English, I'm sure!

A little about me...

I've always loved languages. When I was a kid, I tried learning Italian, Spanish, Chinese, even Latin and Greek! Even if I don't speak these languages, I love learning about different cultures and traveling to other countries.

That's why I moved to France to become an English teacher in 2004. Thanks to my motivation and my desire to learn a new language, I met my French husband, I taught English in French companies for more than 10 years. I had opportunities to speak at many professional conferences in different countries. 

All of this, thanks to learning a different language.

But as a teacher, I was frustrated. Teaching in companies, I could only help a few people. And my lessons were limited to my city, Grenoble. I wanted to help more people all over the world, to show them how to improve English and become more fluent.

That's why I decided to change the way I taught English...

Speak English with Christina weekly lessons

In 2014, I created Speak English with Christina TV (originally called Speak Better, Feel Great). Thanks to technology, I could teach English to people all over the world. 

Today, there are more than 12,000 Ambassadors in the Speak English Community! Woohoo!

You'll find us on Speak English with Christina TV, on my Facebook page and in the Speak English with Christina Conversation Cocktail Party. My most motivated, inspired Ambassadors receive my weekly lessons by email. Are you on the list?

Join the Speak English Community and become more fluent in English!

Speak English Online Courses

My Ambassadors love the free video lessons so much they asked for complete courses. And I was happy to create these courses for them. After all, I want to help you learn how to improve English, but also give you the resources to take action easily.

You can also get my new ebook, especially written for French speakers "What the Faute: Un livre in English pour éviter 32 erreurs fréquentes en anglais"

You can also join one of my courses:

If you want me to personally help you, I'd love to! Join one of these private English coaching programs:

Pour les entreprises en France, n'hésitez pas à me contacter pour mettre en place une formation en anglais.  Je suis immatriculée organisme de formation.

Toutes mes formations sont également accessibles avec votre compte CPF.  

Let's make the Speak English Community the biggest, best place in the world to learn English.

I need your help. You have the power to help me help the world learn English.

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Help me make it fun and easy for others to become fluent in American English.

Remember, you have the power!