Have you hit a wall with your English?

Improve faster, stop feeling frustrated, and become confident speaking English,

with personal support from Christina and an intimate group of select students

You've already reached a certain level, but you still feel frustrated

You can't become fluent in English alone.

What do you do when you get stuck? When you need a confidence boost? When you want to be sure about your English?

You join the Confident English Coaching Group!

How does the Coaching Group work?

In the Confident English Coaching Group, you get:

  • Group coaching sessions

    This is the core of the program. Meet with your coaching group and Christina for 12 1-hour sessions. You’ll get feedback and help on your English to push you to progress faster.

  • Real-time help, even between sessions

    In our private Whatsapp group, you can get real-time help and answers to quick questions in between coaching sessions. Plus, you can record your messages for extra speaking practice!

  • Personalized attention

    In each session, we dedicate time to work on YOUR specific questions or difficulties in English. You’ll get Christina’s personal input, plus support and help from other members.

What students say about working with Christina

I really appreciated the fact of being a small group, as it enables to have good discussions and to ask a lot of questions. This aspect is really interesting for learners. Even if the program was not specifically focused on interviews, I was able to attend a job interview all in English and to feel confident about it, thanks to the weekly practice I got in this program.

Malick D.
Malick D. Credit analyst, France

Thanks to my work with Christina, I discovered a new me in English! Before, I was nervous, and not prepared to speak English fluently. I was shy and worried. Now, when I speak with other European Commission delegates, I feel comfortable. Building international relationships is important in my job, and after Christina's coaching, I feel like I do it well in English.

Fidelia C.
Fidelia C. Forensics specialist, Italy

The exercises we did with Christina really helped me improve my oral expression and comprehension. I thought the activities were particularly adapted to my needs and level. This program forced me to take the time to improve my English, and I got lots of new expressions. I was able to participate confidently in a 3-day conference after the sessions!

Michaelle P.
Michaelle P. Urban planner, France

To be in a very small group allows you to get the most out of the live sessions. It's great to have constant connection with other students, and with Christina. She gives us valuable personal feedback and extra resources on our topics. I was pushed to talk about various subjects, learned new expressions, and got lots more confidence.

Roseline F.
Roseline F. Biologist, France

At first, I wasn't sure to have time to dedicate to a coaching program. But Christina helps you find the resources and way to work so you see results and improve your English. Plus, we could work on my personal documents and questions. Now, I feel comfortable if I have to pick up the phone and make a call in English!

Elise Q.
Elise Q. Project leader, France

I loved the diversity of the subjects we covered, and it was a good mix of fluency practice and work on specific aspects of English, and how to improve. Now, I have better communication in speaking, but also in writing. Thanks to this, I feel confident and fluent. Christina adapts to your needs and goals, and that's what drives your success.

Fanny T.
Fanny T. Human Resources Manager, Canada

Apply to become a member of the coaching group

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Flexible payment options

3 monthly payments of 349€

1 payment of 947€

(Save 100€!)

Complete the application with no risk! We'll finalize your participation together on the phone before you make payment.

Questions about the program?

  • Q.When are the coaching sessions?

    A.This is a small group, so we’ll fix the day and time for the sessions together after you join. We’ll be sure to find a day and time that is possible for everyone.We start the program the week of May 28th, after finalizing the participants.

  • Q.What level do I need?

    A.The general level of the group will be intermediate (B1-C1). When you apply, if I think you’ll be a good candidate, I will contact you to check your level and your objectives before we finalize your membership and payment.

  • Q.How often are the sessions?

    A.We will have one session per week, with exceptions for summer vacation period. We’ll arrange the schedule with the members of the group, to accommodate everyone.

  • Q.Do I pay now?

    A.No, you only complete the application form today. Then, I will contact you to speak with you personally to answer your questions and check that your level is ok for the group before finalizing your membership.

  • Q.How many sessions are there?

    A.There will be at least 12 1-hour sessions. But due to summer vacations, we’ll probably add on an extra 1-2 sessions to accommodate everyone. And if you’re absent from several sessions, we’ll plan an individual session to compensate.

  • Q.What's on the program?

    A.We’ll work on your specific questions & topics. Before the sessions, each participant submits their questions, topics, or difficulties they want to focus on. Then, we’ll dedicate part of the session specifically to you, so you get personal help and feedback.

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