Conf calls

Are you lost in your conf calls in English ?

Do you have difficulties understanding the discussions? And when you finish the conf call, you fell frustrated?

Maybe it’s the American, Chinese, or Indian accent of your colleagues… Or the bad connection… Or your difficulty understanding what others say…

Thanks to the coaching program “Easy Conf Calls in English”, it will be easier to understand and participate in conf calls in English. You’ll learn how to prepare effectively, listening strategies to understand more, vocabulary to solve connection problems quickly, and how to understand “strong” accents.

I give you the essential keys to make conf calls in English easy.

On the program…

Module 1: Prepare your conf call

    • Create a meeting program that makes the discussion easy to follow
    • How to introduce yourself clearly and concisely at the start of the meeting

Module 2: Comprehension strategies and key phrases to participate

    • The 3 different ways to listen, to not become tired
    • What do say when you don’t understand (Not “Repeat please.”)
    • How to participate in a discussion with native speakers

Module 3: Essential vocabulary for solving connection problems

    • Phrases to quickly identify the problem
    • How to suggest solutions and avoid losing time

Module 4: Understanding American, Indian, and Chinese accents

    • The characteristics that make each accent “difficult”
    • How to understand the sounds of real spoken English
    • Training exercises that focus on understanding each accent

Module 5: A conf call in English, in real conditions

    • A simulation of a conf call with 2 English teachers
    • Personalized feedback and debriefing on your performance
    • Recommendations for your future conf calls in English

How does it work?

This coaching program includes 4 self-study modules and 5 coaching sessions with me.

  • After payment, you receive access to my calendar. You plan your pre-training consultation with me. 
  • I call you the day of your appointment to welcome you to the course and give you the course materials.
  • You begin self-study work on Module 1.
  • When you finish Module 1, you reserve your 1st coaching session with me. Each coaching session is 45 min. - 1 hour. 
  • During each coaching session, we practice a specific aspect of conf calls in English. You practice the expressions you learned in the self-study material, and I give you feedback to help you become comfortable in conf calls.
  • We repeat this process for Modules 2-4. You complete a self-study module, then you reserve a coaching session with me.
  • The 5th coaching session is a simulation of a conf call. You give the program of the meeting, and I invite 1-2 English teachers to participate in the conf call. It's like a real conf call!
  • At the end of the simulation, I debrief you on your performance.
Conf calls
Conf calls

Before following a coaching program with Christina, I was afraid of 2 things: 

-Is my English correct, or am I ridiculous?
-Will I understand the English of my Indian and Chinese colleagues, or will it block me?

Christina taught me that there is not just one English accent. I realized the objective of this language is to communicate efficiently. I feel better about my own accent too.

Also, Christina helped me learn the specific characteristics of the American, Indian, and Chinese accents. The results were immediate! In my next conf calls, I was more comfortable, and I understood what the others said! I needed less effort to understand, and I was more efficient.

--Cécile, SAP Program Manager, France

conf calls

When I started my coaching with Christina, I wasn't very efficient in conf calls or on the telephone. I wasn't confident about my English. 

A month after the end of our coaching, I got a call in English. We spoke for 15 minutes and the experience was easier than I expected. This is thanks to Christina's coaching.

Now, I'm not afraid. I don't have any complexes about my English. I'm more comfortable when I speak on the phone.

-- Erwan, Ticket system engineer, France

Conf calls

I had big problems understanding my Chinese colleagues' accent. I panicked at every conf call. Christina helped me identify the specific characteristics of the Chinese accent, and now I understand better.

Christina also taught me how to listen in English, with techniques to increase comprehension. Our coaching sessions really changed my life! I'm not afraid of the Chinese accent and I understand much better now.

-- Evelyne, Quality System Manager, France

Conf calls

I really liked Christina's approach. I especially learned how to understand different accents. 

I've been taking English lessons for more than 20 years, and Christina was the first person to teach me how to make the difference between written English and spoken English. You read "twenty", but you hear "twenny"!

It seems basic, but I never learned it before my coaching with Christina! 

A big THANK YOU, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again! 

-- Isabelle, Industrial Supplier Risk Manager, France

Price: 12 payments of 58€

Conf calls


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