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We can't wait to welcome you to your first session! 


To help you get started, you'll find all of the information you need below.

The most important document for preparing your Fluency Club sessions:
FFCC Preparatory Activities document (CLICK HERE)

Please prepare the theme of each week, so you have the vocabulary you need to talk about the theme! You'll also get great ideas of things to share with others!

Download your Short Guides, with essential tips for a fantastic Fluency Club experience


Download your Faster Fluency Conversation Guidebook

It gives you tips for getting the most out of the sessions, and includes phrases and questions for starting conversations on the theme of the week. It will be your go-to reference during your Club sessions. I recommend that you print it and bring it with you when you connect. This way, you can make notes on vocabulary and expressions!

Click here to download your FFCC Conversation Guide

Regularly-scheduled FFCC sessions at these days and times :
Mondays: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Tuesdays: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Wednesdays: 8:00-9:00 PM
Fridays: 12:30 PM - 1:30PM (PM = afternoon)

These times are in the Central European Time (CET) time zone (the time zone of Paris)

To know the time in your time zone, check the Time Zone Converter.

Your subscription gives you access to 16 sessions per month, but you choose how many you participate in. For any changes in the schedule, you’ll receive an email to notify you, and we’ll update this page with news.


Note the dates
and times
in your calendar


Prepare the theme
of the week

Each week, we suggest a conversation theme to inspire you.
We’ve prepared some specially-selected activities to help you prepare for each week. You’ll get an email with links to these activities each weekend, so you can prepare for the following week.

You can also access the links to the activities directly in this document: FFCC Preparatory Activities 

Below are the suggested themes for the next few weeks. You’ll also find these themes in your Faster Fluency Conversation Guidebook.

This link will take you to a virtual meeting room, with your Club Leader and the other participants.

Then, the Club Leader will put you into small conversation groups with 1-2 partners, so you can practice speaking. Of course, the Club Leader will join your conversation from time to time to correct you and answer your questions too!

I recommend you download the application Zoom (it’s free) to make it easy to connect each week. You can download it for free at https://www.zoom.us/


to your sessions


Have fun becoming
more confident
speaking English

Past students said that these are the things they appreciate most about the Faster Fluency Conversation Club:

  • You meet people from many different countries and cultures, and learn about their lives
  • There's no judgment in the Club. Everyone makes mistakes, but everyone is here to learn!
  • There's no pressure! You're not speaking English in a meeting with your boss! You can relax and enjoy it!
  • You get help and insights from a teacher, who is there to answer your questions


During each session, your Club Leader makes notes of vocabulary and mistakes that come up during the session.

These notes are stored in a shared Google file.  You can consult the notes from each session by clicking here.

This way, you can go back and revise, and add new vocabulary to your English!


Pick up
the notes
from the sessions

Membership payments and cancellations

Your membership in the Faster Fluency Conversation Club renews automatically each month, on the date you joined. For example, if you joined on January 7th, your membership renews on February 7th, March 7th, etc. until YOU cancel your membership. If you want to cancel before your next payment is taken, you must tell me before that date. Otherwise, the payment will be taken, as part of your recurring subscription payment plan.

Here’s how to cancel your membership if you decide to leave the Club:

  • Email contact@christinarebuffet.com with “FFCC membership cancellation” in the subject line
  • Tell us why you want to cancel if you want to, but there’s no obligation. Feedback helps us improve the program for future students.
  • We’ll cancel your membership and stop your payment within 48 hours.
  • You’ll continue to have access to the Fluency Club until the end of your payment period.

For example, if you join on January 7th and participate in the sessions of January, February, and March, but decide on March 20th to cancel your membership, you can continue participating in the sessions for the rest of the month, and until April 6th. No further payments will be taken after this.

If you need any help or have a question, the Speak English with Christina team is here for you!

Please note that we do not give refunds if you simply do not attend or do not tell us to cancel your membership. It's like a gym membership: It's your responsibility as a good student to attend sessions regularly, and to inform us when you want to end your subscription.

Send your questions to marica@christinarebuffet.com, and our assistant Marica will help you.