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Is your English level blocking you from your dream job?

Learn ready-to-use strategies & impressive expressions to succeed in your job interview in English.

 My "Get The Job" approach works.

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I got the Get the Job course, and I got the job! During my job search, I looked at other solutions on the internet, and I really liked the friendly style of your videos. It’s lively, easy to remember, and relaxed. The visual format of the course helped me remember your advice and it worked, because I succeeded in my job interview.

Philippe G., Software engineer

Christina's approach is well-structured and the themes in the lessons helped me in my English interview, and my French one too! I was super confident the day of the interview and easily answered the questions. Result: I got the job!

Raphaella P. , Executive assistant

Through her "Get The Job" course, Christina shares her -extended- knowledge regarding English in job interviews, and she gives us the tools to succeed.  Christina illustrates every topic with relevant examples and questions that make us think further! I strongly recommend this course which is perfectly adapted to any kind of job.

Vincent P., Project manager