"I need someone to practice speaking English!"

Now, you have someone!

Join my Faster Fluency Conversation Club

Accelerate your fluency each week

"I don't have anyone to practice English with" is the biggest obstacle to your fluency.

You feel like you have no time, no one to talk to, no one to push you.

 You want to be fluent, but you don't practice regularly,
and you feel like your English isn't improving.

Or worse: your level is decreasing!

What's the solution?

The Faster Fluency Conversation Club!

My main issue was to have  fluent speech in English.

The conversation sessions have really helped me: the more you speak, the more you feel comfortable!

And Christina takes each opportunity to teach us some new vocabulary, new expressions and of course, to correct us. It’s a pleasure to meet other “students” and work together.

I definitely recommend you to join the Faster Fluency Conversation Club, this is a fun and efficient way to improve the way you speak!

Isabelle K., became comfortable in English

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How does it work?

The Faster Fluency Conversation Club is an online conversation group to give you the opportunity to practice speaking English regularly and accelerate your fluency

You participate in a 1-hour conversation in English 1-2 times per week. Every week, we have a different theme. You receive a vocabulary & conversation sheet before our session, so you have the expressions you need to practice speaking.

Each week, we have a specific conversation subject, and you have a Vocabulary Sheet to help you prepare. Examples of subjects include:

  • How to start a conversation
  • How to introduce yourself
  • Vocabulary to talk about vacation plans
  • Verb tenses for telling stories

The next sessions will be in the spring of 2018, but I haven't defined the exact dates yet. Each week we have one topic of conversation and two conversation sessions. You can come to both sessions, or just one. And if you're absent, you'll still get the exercises & resources.

You get access to 8 conversation sessions + additional exercises & resources for only 99€.

Ready to practice speaking and improve your fluency?


Registrations are closed

But if you want to know when it opens again, sign up


privacy No spam! I promise.


The next sessions will be in the spring of 2018!

Join the waiting list so you don't miss your chance to join us!

It was a lot of fun working with Christina and the other students.

I'm happy with the results! Last week, I participated in a seminar in English and I had the confidence to speak! I still make mistakes, but I felt brave enough to try!

Thank you for your encouragement. It helps us learn with pleasure!

Pascale G., Got more confidence

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to attend all 8 sessions?

No, you don't have to. I encourage you to attend minimum one session per week. Each week, we have one conversation theme, and two conversation meetings. You can attend one or both.


What if I'm absent one week?

If you're absent, you miss the conversation for that week. You'll still receive the conversation sheet though so you can learn the vocabulary.


How many weeks does the conversation club meet?

This is a 4-week program, from Oct. 11 to Nov. 3. Details of dates and times are explained above, in "The Sessions".


What is the price?

The price for 8 sessions + vocabulary sheets is 99€ per person. It's my best offer!


What level do I need?

I recommend you have an intermediate level of English (B1-B2). I will test your level to be sure that this program is for you.


How do I know if I have the correct level?

After you register, I'll make an appointment with you so I test your level.


What if I don't have the correct level, but I paid for my registration?

Simple, I refund your money. If you join and the test indicates the program doesn't correspond to your level, I return your money. There's no risk for you.


How long are the conversation sessions?

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour.


Is this an individual course?

No, this is a conversation group. You'll have the opportunity to meet and speak with people from around the world.


How many people participate in each session?

I want to keep the groups small, so there is a maximum of 14 participants in the conversation club. In the conversation sessions, we can divide the group into smaller groups of 2-4.



 Where do we meet?

Online. I'll send you a link to connect to a virtual room where we'll have the conversations. In the virtual room, we also have the possibility to create smaller groups (2-4 people) to allow you to speak more frequently.


What do I need to participate? 

You need a good internet connection. And I recommend you use earphones so everyone can hear you clearly. You'll also need your vocabulary & conversation sheet, which I will send you a week before the conversation session.


Who corrects the conversation?

Me, Christina! I'll participate in each conversation too, to give you feedback and corrections on your English.

If you have other questions, just ask me: contact@christinarebuffet.com

Reserve your place in the conversation club. Students loved this program, and I'm sure you will too!

Registrations are closed

But if you want to know when it opens again, sign up


privacy No spam! I promise.