You can't improve your English if you don't practice.

"But I don't have anyone to practice with!"

Join the Faster Fluency Conversation Club!

Improve your English faster

"I don't have anyone to practice English with" is the biggest obstacle to your fluency.

You feel like you have no time, no one to talk to, no one to push you.

 You want to be fluent, but you don't practice regularly.
So you feel like you're losing your English.

What's the solution?

Finding a teacher and other motivated students to speak English with regularly

Welcome to the Faster Fluency Conversation Club

The Faster Fluency Conversation Club is an online conversation group that makes it easy to practice speaking English regularly

The conversation group meets 2 times per week. Every week, we have a different theme. At the start of each week, Christina sends you exercises and resources, so you have the expressions you need to practice speaking.

Before our sessions, I send you grammar and vocabulary homework that I have specially selected for you. If you have any questions, you submit them to me, and I'll answer them at the start of the next session.

We'll cover a new subject that will give you the grammar and vocabulary to participate confidently in everyday conversations in English. Past subjects included:

  • How to introduce yourself
  • Making small talk with friends & colleagues
  • Verb tenses for storytelling
  • Talking about sports, hobbies, and your interests
  • How to conclude a conversation

The Conversation Club starts Tuesday January 30th and ends Thursday February 22nd. Each week we have two conversation sessions. You can come to both sessions, or just one. And if you're absent, you'll still get the exercises for each weekly theme.

We meet two times a week: on Tuesdays at 7 PM CET (France time)  and Thursdays at 12:30 PM CET, as indicated on the calendar below. (CAREFUL! It's an American calendar. Tuesday is the 3rd day of the week!)

Calculate the time in your time zone with this time zone converter.

You get access to 8 conversation sessions + exercises for only 99€.

Reserve your place in the conversation club. Students love this program.

I'm sure you will too!


Registration closes on Monday January 29, 2018

Join today, for only 99€

How did the Club help students improve their English?

I definitely recommend learning English with Christina. She's a very pedagogical teacher and lessons with her are always fun. Thanks for your help, Christina!

Cyril T., Grenoble, France

Our small group sessions with Christina helped me feel comfortable speaking. The activities we did were top quality, and the discussions adapted to our level. Christina is dynamic, a good teacher, and easy to talk to.

Isabelle, Grenoble, France

With Christina, I realized how important it is to practice speaking English regularly, not just read in English. I'm more confident and comfortable in English now and I hope to participate in another program with Christina in the future.

Irène B. , Lyon, France

I really enjoyed my sessions with Christina, especially the way she teaches subjects. It's very concrete and helped me develop my reflexes to be more spontaneous. The relaxed atmosphere helped me have more confidence speaking, which was useful for my work too.

Evelyne, New York, USA

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to attend all 8 sessions?

No, you don't have to. I encourage you to attend minimum one session per week. Each week, we have one conversation theme, and two conversation meetings. You can attend one or both.


What if I'm absent one week?

If you're absent, you miss the conversation for that week. You'll still receive the exercises though, so you can learn the vocabulary & grammar.


How many weeks does the conversation club meet?

This is a 4-week program, from Tuesday January 30 to Thursday February 22. Details of dates and times are explained above, in "The Sessions".


What is the price?

The price for 8 sessions + exercises is 99€ per person. It's my best offer!


What level do I need?

I recommend you have an intermediate level of English (B1-B2). The club is not for beginners.


How do I know if I have the correct level?

If you can follow my weekly episodes and participate in simple conversations in English, your level is ok. Plus, we make an effort to adapt to the level of the members of the club.


What if I don't have the correct level, but I paid for my registration?

Simple, I refund your money. If you join and feel the group doesn't correspond to your level, I return your money. There's no risk for you.


How long are the conversation sessions?

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour.


Is this an individual course?

No, this is a conversation group. You'll have the opportunity to meet and speak with people from around the world. Past participants love this aspect of the club!


How many people participate in each session?

In the conversation sessions, I divide the entire group into smaller groups of 2-3. You'll practice speaking with 1-2 conversation partners.



 Where do we meet?

Online. I'll send you a link to connect to a virtual room where we'll have the conversations. In the virtual room, we also have the possibility to create smaller groups (2-3 people) to allow you to speak more frequently.


What do I need to participate? 

You need a good internet connection. And I recommend you use earphones so everyone can hear you clearly. And of course, a desire to learn and speak English!


Who corrects the conversation?

Me, Christina! I'll participate in each conversation too, to give you feedback and corrections on your English. Then, you'll get my notes and corrections from each session.

If you have other questions, just ask me:

Students love this program, and I'm sure you will too.

Don't wait to reserve your spot!


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