Do you feel « bête » when you still make basic mistakes in English ?

Avoid the most common errors (and embarrassing situations) in everyday conversations.

It’s easy, with my book « What the Faute? »

corriger ses erreurs en anglais

Easily correct those grammar mistakes you still make, even after 10 years of English

Learn how to avoid embarrassing pronunciation problems

Boost your credibility by avoiding "basic" errors in spoken English

Christina gives you LOTS of examples and clear explanations in simple English

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What's in the book?


Prepositions, tenses, and confusing structures that make your English sound unnatural.

False friends

Eventually, actually, realize...all your favorites! 


Confusing words, polite vs. rude register, and French words we DON'T use in English 


Learn precise mouth positions to avoid "shit/sheet" and other embarrassing problems


Stop translating word for word and speak more fluently, like native speakers

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6.99€ – Buy Now