Feel confident using English at work,
in just 3 months

In just 3 months, you will improve more than in a year of traditional lessons

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You can already speak in English.
Now it’s time to reach your full potential.

  • Speak fluently and comfortably in English, almost like in your own language
  • Stop translating in your head, because you have necessary vocabulary and everyday expressions for your conversations
  • Understand “messy” conversations with fast-talking native speakers AND speakers with foreign accents
  • Pronounce your sentences more clearly, so others understand you the first time
  • Feel confident enough to speak out, even when you know that your English may not be perfect

Can you really change your English in just 3 months?

Yes. Concretely, here's how we do it:

  • We start with a personal “before” evaluation

    We evaluate & certify your spoken & written English, so we know what you need to improve

  • A private lesson each week

    You improve faster because your teacher corrects your mistakes and gives you personal feedback

  • Personalized “homework” to solve your problems

    You’re sure to focus on the right things to get the results you want.

  • Communication coaching each week, in small groups

    Learn to communicate as professionally in English as you do in your native language, with your business communication coach

  • Conversation practice for confidence & fluency

    Your program includes 3 months of participation in my Faster Fluency Conversation Club. You get vocabulary for everyday conversations, and essential practice to speak more smoothly and fluently.

  • A special Business English Mastery WhatsApp group

    Get help from your coach and me, and make “friends” with your classmates between the live sessions. Students love staying connected with each other!

  • A personal "after" evaluation

    At the end of the program, you’ll take an 30-minute online test to evaluate and certify your level. You’ll clearly see your improvements, and feel confident about the way you speak and understand English. You’ll be so proud of yourself!

...plus a full course, for structured exercises to understand fast spoken English

You also get lifetime access to my Understand Real American English Course

My team and I empower you to reach your goals

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When you can show your professional knowledge in English, new opportunities open for you

Fidelia C.

Building international relationships is essential in my job. Now, when I speak with other European Commission delegates, I feel comfortable and credible.

Fidelia C. Forensics expert, Catholic University of Rome
Cedric F.

I was able to participate confidently in a 3-day conference in English after Christina’s program. Many top conferences in my field are in English, and if I want to access this level of training, I have to speak and understand English. One woman even asked me “Are you sure you’re French? Your English is excellent!

Cedric F. Wine exporter, Sur le Fruit
Nathalie H.-L.

After just 3 months of coaching, I was able to go to London for a week, meet with potential clients, and spend 5 complete days speaking only English. I thought it was impossible before. This opens new doors to expand my business internationally!

Nathalie H.-L. Founder, Atlantic Santé & Wom'Up
Antony C.

This is the program I have always been looking for (but never found)!

In a couple of weeks, I could fix so many pronunciation issues I had just by working on the modules and attending group and individual coach sessions. I can now introduce myself with an American Professional style which is mandatory for my business. In addition of improving the pronunciation, I’m enriching my vocabulary with common expressions (we never learn at school for English as a second language) and also improve my ability to understand American speakers. All of this after just 3 weeks!”

Antony C. Founder of a home care company in California

Is this program right for you?

Business English Mastery is a live virtual immersion coaching program. Right now, we are selecting participants to for our September 2020 session!

This programs is for professionals and entrepreneurs who can already communicate in English, but want to feel more powerful, more capable, and more confident in English...in just 3 months.

If you think this program is for you, click the button below to apply to join the program. If you qualify, I will contact you to discuss your enrollment.

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Next session starts September 2020

What do past students say about the program?

Johanna M.

“Now, I dare more. I ask more questions in meetings. Even if I’m not perfect, I know I can do it, and I feel more confident for the future. There’s definitely a “before” and “after” for me.”

Johanna M., medical doctor (USA, originally from France)
Benny O.

“I quickly realized that this program works! It made me face different situations and improve different aspects of English useful for my work. It prepares you for real life, real situations, and I’m more confident.”

Benny O., Operations director (Panama)
Sébastien B.

“Socializing is important in my work, so my target was to be more confident talking about business and personal topics in English. I was shy, but now I like talking in English! It’s fantastic for me!”

Sébastien B., Business solutions director (France)
Romina R.

“I needed to improve English for my work. Before, I was very scared about speaking. But now, if I have to make a phone call in English, I know I can do it. This program was a real turning point for me!”

Romina R., EU public affairs agent (Belgium)
Nilgun C.

“I recently moved to the USA and had problems communicating. Thanks to this program, I’m more confident. It’s easier to understand in group conversations, and to become friends with colleagues.”

Nilgun C., Computer science engineer (USA, originally from Turkey)
Isabelle B.

“I realized I don’t have to be perfect to be fluent. This realization was very liberating, because now, I don’t block when I make mistakes. This program is like a cocoon, you are in our lives for 3 months!”

Isabelle B., entrepreneur (France)

It's time to invest in becoming a better you

To manage your investment in the Business English Mastery program, you have 2 payment options.

You can do 3 monthly payments of 766 euros each, OR choose a single payment of 1798 euros (and save 500 euros!)

*If you are in France, you can use your CPF (compte personnel de formation) to finance this program!


Important dates

The next session: 14 September - 11 December 2020
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I guarantee your English will improve. You have my Confidence in Christina Guarantee!

You can try the program for 30 days.

If you attend the sessions, do the work, and don’t improve, I’ll refund your money.

You have nothing to lose, but EVERYTHING to gain.


Imagine, in just 3 months, you'll start to express your true self in English and feel the freedom of an advanced level, in personal and professional situations.

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If you have a general question about the program, write to Marica, head of student enrollment and relations, at contact@christinarebuffet.com.

She'll be happy to answer your questions and help you!