Master Real American English:
My most complete coaching program, designed to transform your English in just 3 months 

Here are just a few ways we'll transform your English:

  • You'll speak spontaneously in English, almost like in your own language
  • You'll stop translating in your head, because you have necessary vocabulary and everyday expressions for your conversations
  • You'll understand “messy” authentic conversations with Americans
  • You'll have techniques to clarify when you don’t understand (The same techniques Americans use!)
  • You'll improve your pronunciation, so others understand you the first time

How the Master Real American English Program works

Concretely, here's how we'll do this:

  • We start with a personal “before” evaluation, to identify your strengths and weaknesses in English.

    I’ll have a conversation with you, and we record the conversation so I can analyze your “performance”. We’ll know exactly what you need to change to speak and understand better.

  • Every week, you meet individually with a teacher for private lessons.

    You become more confident speaking English because they focus 100% on YOU. They correct your mistakes. You get personal feedback. You make exceptional progress.

  • Your teacher “prescribes” lessons from my online courses for you, or helps you with your own subjects.

    Based on your needs, objectives, and progress, your teacher will give you “homework” to complete between sessions. You’re sure to focus on the right things to get the results you want.

  • You attend a group coaching session each week with me & your “classmates”.

    I answer your questions about your course and other students help you stay motivated. You’re sure about the nuances of English, American accents and culture.

  • You get regular conversation practice, to develop your confidence and fluency.

    Your program includes 6 months of participation in my Faster Fluency Conversation Club. You get vocabulary for everyday conversations, and essential practice to speak more smoothly and fluently.

  • You’re invited to join a special Whatsapp group for coaching students

    You practice speaking, get help from me and get support from the other students between the live sessions. Students love to stay motivated with their “classmates” around the world.

  • We finish the program with an individual “After” evaluation.

    This is the same process as the “Before” evaluation. You’ll clearly see and hear your improvements, so you feel confident about the way you speak and understand English. You’ll be so proud of yourself!

With your dedicated individual teacher, you will focus on the things you need to learn now to greatly improve your English in just 3 months.

To support you in your transformation, you also get the tools you need

Lifetime access to my Understand Real American English Course

Three months of live conversation practice, with an international community + a teacher

The results you can expect

Fidelia C.

Building international relationships is essential in my job. Now, when I speak with other European Commission delegates, I feel comfortable and credible.

Fidelia C. Forensics expert, Catholic University of Rome
Cedric F.

I was able to participate confidently in a 3-day conference in English after Christina’s program. Many top conferences in my field are in English, and if I want to access this level of training, I have to speak and understand English. One woman even asked me “Are you sure you’re French? Your English is excellent!

Cedric F. Wine exporter, Sur le Fruit
Nathalie H.-L.

After just 3 months of coaching, I was able to go to London for a week, meet with potential clients, and spend 5 complete days speaking only English. I thought it was impossible before. This opens new doors to expand my business internationally!

Nathalie H.-L. Founder, Atlantic Santé & Wom'Up
Antony C.

Master Real American English is the program I have always been looking for (but never found)!

In a couple of weeks, I could fix so many pronunciation issues I had just by working on the modules and attending group and individual coach sessions. I can now introduce myself with an American Professional style which is mandatory for my business. In addition of improving the pronunciation, I’m enriching my vocabulary with common expressions (we never learn at school for English as a second language) and also improve my ability to understand American speakers. All of this after just 3 weeks!”

Antony C. Founder of a home care company in California

During your entire program, my team and I will push you, motivate you, and empower you to reach your goals

Do you want to see if this program is right for you?

Master Real American English is a 3-month, customized program that includes individual lessons, group coaching, and conversation practice to transform your ability to communicate in English.


If you would like to join this program, please complete the application form. 

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Applications for close Tuesday April 30, 2019. After that date, we will contact qualified students to enroll you in the program! 



Imagine, in just 3 months, you can start to speak and understand English as it’s really spoken by native speakers, in both personal and professional situations.


There's no risk. I guarantee your English will improve.

To prove it, you can try the program for 60 days. Yes, that’s right. 60 days, of this 90-day program.

If you do the work, attend the sessions, and don’t feel like you’re improving, I’ll refund your money.

You have nothing to lose, but EVERYTHING to gain.



If you have a general question about the program, write to Marica, head of student enrollment and relations, at

She'll be happy to answer your questions and help you!