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Do you feel uncomfortable when you make conversation in English?

With this program, you’ll finally feel comfortable in everyday discussions in English. You’ll stop searching for vocabulary during long silences.

You’ll find your words quickly, and you’ll be able to easily have a conversation with your friends and colleagues. To talk about your weekend, your family, or the movie you saw recently…you’ll finally be fluent in small talk in English! 

On the program...

Module 1: Your job, business, and you

    • You & your job
    • Making connections
    • Talking business informally

Module 2: Welcoming visitors

    • Meeting & greeting a visitor
    • The coffee break together
    • Comparing cultures

Module 3: Going to a restaurant

    • Inviting someone to a restaurant
    • Describing dishes
    • Making conversation at the table

Module 4: Discussing movies, books, and your opinion

    • Talking about films
    • Storytelling and describing books
    • Discussing sensitive subjects

Module 5: Free time activities

    • How to start a conversation
    • Your free time activities
    • Describing things to visit in your city

How does conversation in English coaching work?

This program includes 15 lessons online and 5 coaching sessions with me.

  • After payment, you receive access to my calendar. You plan your pre-training consultation with me. 
  • I call you the day of your consultation appointment to personally welcome you to the coaching. I give you the keys to access your private online lessons.
  • You can then access the online lessons from anywhere and you begin work on Module 1.
  • When you finish Module 1, you reserve your 1st coaching session with me. Each coaching session is 45 min. - 1 hour.
  • During each coaching session, we practice speaking. You practice the expressions you learned in the online lessons, and I give you feedback to help you become fluent.
  • At the end of each coaching session, you receive a Recap Sheet, with a summary of our work, personal feedback, and the things to improve.
  • We repeat this process for Modules 2-5. You complete a module online, then you reserve a coaching session with me.
Conf calls
small talk

The lessons are very useful and easy to learn. They recreate situations very close to reality, so you can apply the lessons to "real life." Christina is clear to understand, and her way of teaching is full of good humor. I enjoyed learning American English thanks to the fun lessons. She helped me understand the cultural differences between the United States and France. This program was a real pleasure, and very useful.

--Jean-Michel, jobseeker, France

small talk

Christina's coaching is perfectly adapted to my professional life. The courses focuses on the essential conversation skills and allowed me to quickly become comfortable with everyday conversations in English. I'm not scared to start a conversation now. I'm not afraid that I won't understand. And I'm not afraid that someone won't understand me. Thanks, Christina!

--Jérémie, Computer development engineer, France

Price: 12 payments of 52€

Conf calls


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