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Here's a reminder of the dates & times for our sessions

Session #1: Your Job, Business, and You
Tues. 27 Feb. 7-8PM CET

Session #2: Meeting & Greeting Your Visitor
Tues. 13 March 7-8PM CET

Session #3: Going Out to Eat
Tues. 27 March 7-8PM CET

Session #4: Discussing Movies, Books, and Opinions
Tues. 3 April 7-8PM CET

Session #5: Free Time and Things to Do
Tues. 17 April 7-8PM CET

Session #6: Final Revision and Recap
Wed. 2 May 7-8PM CET

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We'll meet on Zoom. Here's the link:


To join, you just click the Zoom link when it's time to join our session.

You can bookmark this page, but I'll also send you an email with the dates and the link to join our sessions.

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