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Improve your job interview skills in English

Feel confident about your English before your job interview.

With this program, you’ll have better chances of succeeding at your job interview.

You’ll know exactly what to say in the interview. You’ll be prepared to answer the interview questions correctly. You’ll have correct grammar and vocabulary.

You’re not just preparing a job interview in English, you’re preparing a better life.

Together, we do job interview simulation. I advise you on the best way to respond to interview questions and how to turn your phrases to have more impact.

You’ll be calm, confident and prepared for your next job interview in English.

The program...

A job interview is stressful enough in your own language.

And in English? It's better to be prepared and confident so you have your best chance of getting hired.

This is the aim of my interview coaching program

How does the program work?

  • After payment, we create your access to my online course Get The Jobwhich has already helped dozens of candidates succeed in their interviews.
  • You email me information about your situation and your objectives. I advise you on how to work through the Get The Job Course to prepare our coaching session.
  • You get access to my calendar to book your coaching session. You'll then receive a link to connect with me on Zoom (the platform we use for our session. It's similar to Skype).
  • In our coaching session (approximately 1h30-2h), we do a simulation of a job interview in English. I also coach you on how to respond to each question. I advise you on your English skills and the content of your responses.
  • At the end of each coaching session, you receive a Recap Sheet, with a summary of our work, personal feedback, and the things to improve.
  • After your interview, we do a debriefing to discuss your performance and the next steps if you need to prepare for another round of interviews.
Entretien d'embauche

Just before my interview date, I contacted Christina. Thanks to her quick reactivity, we set up a coaching session quickly. The experience was EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Here structured approach and the questions included in the Get The Job course even helped me for my interview in French! The day of the interview in English, I was super confident and easily answered the questions from the director.

Result: I got the job!

In my new position, I would love to continue a coaching program with Christina if possible.

--Raphaella, Executive assistant

I wasn't sure that the price would be worth the number of sessions, but in reality, it was good training even for my French interviews, to show me how to think about skills and now I have a better view of everything. I can give American-style answers for interviews, and I feel much more confident about the impression I give as a professional.

This is very important because, as we say in English "A first impression is a lasting impression." In the 1st. The 1st 20 seconds they see you, they hear you, they see your body language, etc. For my interviews, now I know my answers are good, my pronunciation is great, and my structure is great.

Just after I finished my coaching with Christina,  I went to a professional trade fair just after finishing the program, and speaking with people on stands was much easier. And one lady even said "Are you sure your French? Because you don't have an accent when you speak English!"

--Cedric F. Wine export sales manager, France

I wanted to let you know about my interview, as I said I would.
Well, it went very well actually! The recruiter was very nice and my stress disappeared little by little during the interview. He asked me all the questions we worked on, including about the "difficult situation".I was very happy because I was really fluent and did not search my words! I answered all the questions, no blank!

I would like to thank you Christina, our work sessions really helped me to speak better and gain confidence. All the documents you gave me with the correct sentences were super-helpful!

Maybe I will have the opportunity to work with you again another time. I would be very happy to!
If I have another English interview, I would appreciate to work with you again.
Thank you so much Christina!

--Soraya H.,  Journalist, France

In my job interviews, I felt frustrated because I couldn’t say what I really wanted, I couldn’t express my enthusiasm for my work, and the nuances of my experience. I needed to master certain elements to construct my phrases correctly.

Coaching with Christina gave me these elements. Now, I’m sure of my vocabulary and my expressions, I’m progressing, and I feel more confident that my answers are convincing. When I was preparing my job interviews alone, I could progress little by little, but with this coaching, I’ve made more progress, more quickly.

--Bastien D.,  UX Designer, France

Entretien d'embauche


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