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    Become better at English AND better at business with my neuroscince-based coaching programs for entrepreneurs & executives. 

    About me

    Hi, I'm Christina

    Business creator, lifelong learner, and certified Neurolanguage Coach®

    I’m from the USA, and just like you, I struggled to become comfortable in a foreign language and build my own business in two languages.

    Now, my team and I coach managers, executives, and entrepreneurs to grow their business, and feel confident speaking English. 

    Thanks to my training in neuroscience, I know how the brain works, to help you learn English faster and better, while also giving you the tools and skills you need to succeed in the in global business.

    Since 2005, I’ve coached hundreds of clients. More than 500,000 students love my step-by-step lessons and online courses and coaching programs. I’m sure you will too.


    Business English with Christina

    Start with 500+ expert articles on how to succeed in international business

    Customer reviews

    A fun and different way to learn Business English. Nothing like the e-learning courses you take at work!
    Florence Z.
    Administrative assistant
    The methods Christina uses are extremely efficient for learning English!
    Dominique O.
    Founder of Mot à Meaux
    Christina is always on the cutting edge of innovation in English learning
    Raphaella P.
    Executive assistant
    Christina has the gift for creating learning environments where you make progress and learn real-world English.
    Eva R.
    Project Manager
    After taking the Private Lesson Program, I feel comfortable managing my teams in Asia & USA. I have a lot of vocabulary for my presentations, I have better structures, I can even make jokes!
    Malamine D.
    Major Account Manager
    Christina's program helped gave me more confidence and improved my pronunciation. I stopped focusing on my mistakes and now focus on communicating my message. And I learned that with good training & good habits, English can be easy.
    Selim B.
    Project Engineer
    I restored my English skills and got a lot of native-speaker expressions. My speech is more natural. I hesitate less. And I’m not afraid to make mistakes. I’m proud to be a role model for my daughter!
    Dmitry K.
    Airline pilot
    Before, I was really scared in conf calls. But thanks to Christina's programs, if someone asks by email “Can we have a call?” I say “Yes, why not?” And I understand 90% of what my US & UK colleagues say. I'm confident now, and I save time!
    Abdi C.
    Public Health Doctor, Guinea
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