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Book your "before" evaluation

Before you begin your sessions, Christina will meet with you individually to evaluate your level and discuss the results you want to get from the program. We'll also discuss your individual teacher and put you two in contact. Click here to book your evaluation session with Christina

On Thursday March 7 at 16:30-17:30 CET, join Christina for a welcome orientation session, to properly welcome to the Master Real American English Program.

You'll meet your fellow classmates and Christina will give you tips for getting the most out of this program!

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Book your first
individual sessions
with your teacher

After you have your "before" evaluation with Christina, we'll put you in contact with your designated individual teacher.

They will contact you to begin organizing your individual sessions. You're going to love the personal attention you'll get from your teacher!

You have one 30-minute session each week with your teacher, for the 6-month duration of your program.

To help you become more comfortable and confident in everyday conversations, you have 6 months of membership in the Faster Fluency Conversation Club.

Click here for all of the details on how to access the Faster Fluency Conversation Club sessions

There are 3 sessions available each week. If you can manage to attend all 3, that's fantastic, but most students attend 1-2 sessions each week.


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As part of your Master Real American English Program, you get lifetime access to Christina's online courses "Understand Real American English" and "Successful Small Talk."

In 1-2 days, you'll get an email from Abhilesh, head developer at Speak English with Christina. He'll give you your access codes and instructions for connecting to your courses.

Your first group coaching session will be on Monday March 11, 2019 at 16:30-17:30 CET.

You’ll then have a group coaching session each Monday at the same time, 16:30-17:30 CET, so you can reserve this time in your calendar for the next 6 months, the duration of your Master Real American English Program.

For our group coaching sessions, we'll meet at https://zoom.us/j/676568722


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To connect to your group coaching sessions each Monday, use this link: https://zoom.us/j/676568722

You'll use the same link for the group sessions every Monday.

Meet your awesome teachers

Cara Leopold

Cara is the creator of Leo Listening, and founder of the Freedom From Subtitles Movement.

Cara is an expert at encouraging students to use movie clips to build listening comprehension skills.

She's originally from the UK, and she helps advanced learners understand their favorite movies without subtitles.

Cara has been teaching English since 2007, when she arrived in France and had to quickly learn to speak a 2nd language, French. So she knows what it's like to learn a language and loves helping students excel in English.


Trisha Traughber

Trisha is a teacher, writer, and writing coach who is originally from Southern California.

She started teaching in 2002, in Silicon Valley and is the founder of Vagabond English. Trisha loves helping people from around their world become more comfortable speaking English.

If you’ve got any questions about using writing or journaling to help you with fluency, Trisha’s a great person to ask.

She also loves a good book chat and runs a book club--so if you’re looking for reading recommendations, she’s probably got some for you!


Questions about something?


If you need help accessing your online course or have a general question about the organization of your program, write to Marica, head of student enrollment and relations, at marica@christinarebuffet.com.

If you need help with the activities in your online courses, or anything related to learning English, write directly to Christina at contact@christinarebuffet.com