Here are videos 6-10 in my Top 10 Videos To Boost Your Vocabulary And Fluency. Have fun!

grammaire anglaise this vs that

“This” vs. “That” in English


Two small words that can be so confusing in English.

When you hear a song by David Bowie on the radio, do you say “I love this song!” or “I love that song!” ?

When you want your friend to taste a cake you made, do you say “Taste this cake,” or “Taste that cake”?

You’ll find the answers in the video! 

past simple vs present perfect

Past Simple vs. Present Perfect Simple


These two verb tenses are definitely not simple!

In fact, they're pretty difficult for a lot of people who are learning English.

I once saw a funny infographic that said 99% of students love their teacher when learning "fun" things like weather vocabulary. But 64% students wanted to kill their teacher when learning past simple vs present perfect simple.

I don't like violence, so I suggest you watch the video to learn the difference.

(And be nice to your teacher!)

How To Start A Conversation In English: My Favorite Technique


Imagine, you're at a networking event and everyone is speaking English.

You have a drink, take an hors d'oeuvre from the buffet, and notice that you're standing next to one of the contacts you really want to meet.

You move closer. You hope she'll start the conversation, because you don't know what to say in English. You don't know how to start the conversation.

You wait.

And she leaves. Nooooooooooo!

Next time, have the courage to start the conversation in English with the easy technique you'll learn in this video. 

Welcoming visitors in English

What To Say When You Welcome Someone At Your Company

It's always fun when someone comes to visit your company.

Maybe it's your American colleague. You exchange by email and Skype, but you never see each other in person. What a great opportunity!

Or maybe it's a potential client. You really want to make a good impression and sign the contract with her.

A good relationship starts at the reception desk. In this video, you'll learn exactly what to say to make your visitor feel welcome.

film en anglais

Vocabulary In English To Talk About A Movie You Saw

Are you more Bruce Willis or Woody Allen ?

Let me guess...

Personally, one of my favorite movies is Midnight in Paris, by Woody Allen.

Can you imagine? The opportunity to go back to Paris in the 1920s, to drink a vermouth with Hemingway, and dance the Charleston with F. Scott Fitzgerald!

Yep, that's been my dream since I was a student.

It's always nice to dream, right? That's what movies are for!

And even if this week's episode isn't quite as impressive as Titanic, you'll still learn a lot of English vocabulary to help you talk about your favorite movies.

Psss! We tried some special effects! But no Celine Dion. I promise.

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