8 Must-Have Emails in English for Entrepreneurs

A downloadable guide with 8 email templates,

so you can write perfect emails in English and grow your business faster.

If you said “yes,” then emails are essential for your business. 

You need them to make that first contact.  

And then to transform that prospect into a client. 

You need emails to keep your current clients happy–even if you need to reschedule an appointment. 

And you need emails to ask your clients to pay you–firmly, but diplomatically.

The problem is, when you write emails in English, everything is harder

Let’s fix that...

You and your business deserve better. (And so do your clients).

That’s why I created 8 Must-Have Emails for Entrepreneurs–in English

Hi, I’m Christina Rebuffet, I’m a Neurolanguage coach, a business communication coach, and a business owner. I’m passionate about helping other business owners achieve their goals. That’s why I created Business English with Christina in 2015.
And that’s why I made the guide “8 Must-Have Emails for Entrepreneurs” for you.
What’s inside the guide
“8 Must-Have Emails for Entrepreneurs--in English”?

We asked our community of entrepreneurs what emails they absolutely need to send when growing their international business.

And we asked them which emails they struggled the most with.

Then, we created 8 perfect email templates to make it super simple to write a correct email that gets results.

 Now we’re giving these email templates to you, too.

What do you get?
No more avoiding doing business in English because you’re afraid. You can do this now!

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