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Do you need to prepare a presentation? Lead a meeting in English? Prepare a trip to a foreign country?

Maybe you have a personal objective to become more fluent in English…

You’re in the right place!

Let me help you become more fluent in English with personalized fluency coaching. 

Step by step, I help you and train you to increase your fluency in spoken English. We advance at your rhythm. We focus on your unique needs. Together, we increase your confidence in English and you become fluent faster.

On the program…

Before we begin, we define a personalized training program. I’m your coach! You tell me your objectives and I create the program that will give you results.

How does English fluency training work?

It's easy! I'm here for you from start to finish (and even after we finish!)

  • You complete a questionnaire to present your objectives and the time you have to reach them. 
  • We plan a pre-training consultation together. You explain your context, and I ask any questions that can help me understand your needs 100%. 
  • I create a personalized coaching program for you. You validate the program before we begin. Each coaching session is 30-45 min.
  • At the end of each coaching session, you receive a Recap Sheet. It has my feedback on your progress and advice to improve more.
  • Between each session, I give you an action plan to complete. You train and apply my advice to progress faster.
  • We finish the program with an evaluation session. You show me your progress and how you've become more fluent in English! I show you how to continue progressing so you don't lose your level.
business english coaching

Christina customizes her program to be perfect for the student. It corresponds exactly to your needs and your job. This way, the training matches your professional reality, and it is always pleasant to work with Christina. Thank you for the quality of your training and your support. I can feel my progress every day!

--Evelyne, Quality System Manager, France

I contacted Christina after watching one of her (excellent) videos on YouTube.

I've been in the USA for one year, married to an American, and I live in New York. It's a joy every day to live in this city, but I felt that I couldn't completely find my place. I had a big "blockage" due to my native language and my French accent. It was cute, but difficult for Americans to understand.

Christina listened to my needs. She understood my situation. And she offered extremely personalized coaching. In the first Skype session, I progressed a lot, and I could feel a big difference week after week. Americans understood me better and I was more comfortable in conversations in English.

Thanks to her pedagogy, her energy, and her professionalism, Christina gave me confidence in myself. I now feel like a French woman in New York, ready to face with joy the challenges of expatriation!

Speaking English has become a pleasure. I tamed the hot potato and my accent!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Christina!

--Manon, Public Relations Manager, USA

formation anglais en ligne

Before I had English coaching with Christina, I was incapable of starting a conversation in English. I was scared. I wasn't comfortable.

Today, it's different. I like speaking English, and I have so much more vocabulary after my hours of coaching. If you're lucky enough to work with Christina, you'll see that during the sessions, time flies because you're having fun (and learning!)

--Sébastien, Technical support specialist, France

formation anglais en ligne

I want to thank Christina for being there for me, for her patience, and especially for the efficiency of the coaching. It allowed me to reach my personal objectives in English.

Her "tips" and typically American expressions that I learned during the sessions added bonuses to a program that was already more than satisfactory.

--David, Training consultant, France

formation anglais en ligne

Finally, a coaching program that is completely adapted to our professional environment, with lots of stimulating exercises to help us feel more liberated in English. All led by a dynamic, motivating and very nice coach! Thank you Christina!

--Virginie, Training consultant, France

Price: On personalized estimate

business english coaching


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