American English pronunciation lessons


Have you ever said a word in English, and someone didn’t understand you?

You were sure about what you said, but your pronunciation was wrong, and it created communication problems… Don’t worry, this happens!

But these American English pronunciation lessons will help you speak more naturally, so others can understand you better, and you feel more confident when you speak English.


Click on the title to watch the American pronunciation lesson:

  1. 6 secrets to understand fast-talking Americans + resources for listening practice
  2. Pronunciation of “i” in American English
  3. Secrets to improve pronunciation in English
  4. How to pronounce the American “R”
  5. Words with the long “ee” sound: Shit & sheet
  6. Very embarrassing English pronunciation mistakes
  7. The flap “t” sound in American English
  8. How to pronounce “going to” in American English
  9. Boost your pronunciation: The rhythm of English
  10. Improve your pronunciation: Syllable stress
  11. 4 things you need to know to understand Americans