English Grammar & Language Lessons


It doesn’t matter if you speak or write English, good grammar in English is important if you want to express yourself with more nuance and correct English.

You don’t need to have perfect English grammar (even native speakers don’t have perfect grammar!), but you do need to avoid making too many mistakes.

Even more important, you will feel more confident about the way you use English, if you don’t need to ask yourself too many questions about grammar!


Click on the title to watch the English grammar & language lessons:

  1. Using the expression “thinking of”
  2. “Let’s touch base”: An English expression you can use
  3. “This” vs. “that” in English
  4. How to use “could” and “should” correctly
  5. How to use the phrasal verb “to figure out”
  6. Spelling the English vowels
  7. The zero conditional
  8. Past tenses in English
  9. Infinitive or -ing?
  10. How to use “get” in English