“This” vs “that” in English

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This or that?

In English, sometimes these two little words can be confusing. You probably know the rule, but have difficulties using this and that correctly, is that right?

Today’s episode will help you use this and that correctly.

First, a big thanks to Cécile, who gives us the perfect way to remember the rule, if you also speak French:

The rule for “this” in English

“This” has an “i” in it, “this” = i = “ici” just like “ici” (that means “here” in French).

We use “this” to talk about things near us.

The rule for “that” in English

“That” has an “a” in it, “that” = “a” = “là-bas” (That’s French for “over there”).

We use “that” to talk about things away from us.

So, “that” = “a” = “là-bas”

Cecile, the entire community thanks you for this!

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The This vs That Quiz

Now, let’s do a quiz. Here are some sentences. Decide to use “this” or “that” to complete the sentence?

Then watch the video for the responses!

“Hey, look at _________ old telephone over there!”

“__________ was a good book. Do you want to borrow it?”

In the video, you can also meet my good friend Géraldine, the star of Comme Une Française TV in this part of the quiz!

Geraldine: Here, taste _____________. I made it!
Christina: Eww, what’s in _______?
Geraldine : _________ just a recipe I’m testing. Is it good?
Christina: Have you tasted ___________ stuff?

And here’s one last example for this vs that

_______ pen doesn’t work. Can you hand me _______ one?

Be sure to watch the video!

You can do the quiz with Géraldine and me, and learn the correct answers to these sentences.

Test yourself even more with this vs that! Here’s a this vs that quiz from the British Council 

Now, it’s your turn! 

Try to write a few phrases with this vs that in the comments below. 

Let’s see if you can use these words correctly!

If you make mistakes, that’s ok! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You can learn from your mistakes. And that’s always cool.

All the best to you,



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