Business English Lessons


If you use English in your job, you need to master certain skills, like telephoning in English, participating in meetings, and working with international clients.

You’ll advance faster in your career, feel more credible, and stress much less!

Even more important, you will feel a personal sense of satisfaction, because you’re improving your skills.


Click on the title to watch the business English lesson:

  1. How to introduce yourself in English
  2. Business English idioms: Let’s touch base
  3. How to answer the phone in English
  4. How to start a meeting in English
  5. How to handle rejection in cold calling
  6. Email greetings in English
  7. How to deal with rude coworkers
  8. Telephone in English: How to avoid being rude
  9. Welcoming visitors to your company
  10. Vacation absence email message in English