Small talk: Welcoming visitors in English

Welcoming visitors in English

Welcoming Visitors in English

“I want to seem friendly, but I don’t have the reflexes.”

“I have to search for things to say, and it’s awkward.

“I just need to practice more to feel comfortable.”

If you have to welcome visitors in English to your company, but don’t have the chance to do it every day—I’m sure you’ve felt this way at some point.

Wanting to seem friendly and nice mean we want to make a good impression. So we want to do it correctly.

I’ve been living in France since 2004 years and sometimes I still feel like I could do better when making first impressions with business contacts. And yes, it’s true both with totally new people and acquaintances I’ve met once or twice in the past.

Welcoming a visitor: Be friendly and fluent in English

If hesitations make you feel less friendly and if you wish it was as easy in English as it is in your language, today’s Speak English with Christina episode is for you.

You’ll get some ready-to-use expressions  and a simple script you can follow for perfect conversations when you welcome a visitor to your company.

Welcoming A Visitor In English - Business English lessons

Once you’ve watched this episode, let me know your answer to this question:

What is the most difficult thing for you when welcoming a visitor in English?

Tell me about your tips and techniques for handling this common situation.

I’m sure I can learn from your experience!

Remember that thousands of professionals visit our site to learn, boost their English and boost their career. Your perspective may be exactly what someone else needs to feel better in English because they’ll see they’re not alone.

If you found this episode helpful, please pass this along to your closest colleagues, clients and friends anyone you think could use some support as they progress towards speaking better and feeling great in English.

Thanks so much for making this one of the most supportive and insightful places online.

Have a fantastic week in English,


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You CAN be better at small talk in English

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