English Listening Comprehension Lessons


Many students say they can understand the clear English of their lessons, but they can’t catch everything native speakers say.

When Americans speak at normal speed, and don’t articulate clearly, it can be difficult to catch the words. But it’s not impossible!

You just need to train your ear to catch the fast sounds!


Click on the title to watch the English listening comprehension lesson:

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  2. What to do when you don’t understand in English
  3. A free full lesson from “Understand Real American English”
  4. Disappearing sounds in English
  5. Americans speak fast: “Whuduhya”
  6. Understand Americans in conf calls
  7. How to understand English accents, with elllo.org
  8. English exercise: Improve your comprehension and your pronunciation
  9. Understanding British and American speakers, with Cara Leopold
  10. Listening quiz: Can you understand when Americans talk fast?