Listening quiz: Can you understand when Americans talk fast?

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This week, we’re changing things up a bit, to help you better understand fast-talking Americans!

And this week, we have a special listening comprehension quiz for you.

It’s all part of our special Understand Real American English month. Let’s make 2019 the year where you finally understand in fast conversations with Americans.

Sound like a good goal? I think so 😉

A listening quiz for you

After the episode last week on New Year’s resolutions, several students said they wanted to improve their listening comprehension.

They said they were tired of understanding English lessons, but not real conversations.

They wanted to hear and understand English as easily as their native language.

They wanted to stop feeling lost in conversations with native speakers who talk too fast and don’t make efforts to speak clearly or slowly.

Do you feel the same way?

Click here to do the quiz and test how well you understand real conversations

These conversations are not easy, because it’s real spoken English. Not classroom English. It’s the way 2 Americans speak together naturally. Unscripted, everyday conversations.

Let’s see how much you can understand…

Driving around, with Jennifer

Meet my cousin Jennifer! She’s from Louisiana. We’re driving around her neighborhood, making friendly conversation.


Talking business, with Paul

Meet my brother-in-law, Paul. He’s a business owner. We’re talking about how his business is going.


Want the answers to the quiz?

This Friday, January 18, I’ll send the answers to people on my email list.
Go here to add your name to the list, so I can send you the answers later this week.

This way, you try, try, try to understand, and push your comprehension of real spoken English.

If you feel stuck with your school-level English, or you can’t understand as easily as you wish, we’re going to make that easier for you all this month!

Have fun with the quiz,


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