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All this month, you’re learning how real-life conversations are nothing like what you hear in English lessons (and how to understand real-life conversations better!)

Today, I want to take you through a complete lesson from the Understand Real American English course.

Past students say this course is different from any other course they’ve tried.
Every lesson is based on an authentic unscripted conversation.
And we work on your pronunciation too!

But let me show you, so you can see for yourself.

Here’s a COMPLETE LESSON from the URAE course for you:

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The lesson is based on my conversation with my friend Michael. You “met” him in Tuesday’s episode.

Now, you’ll learn to understand our full conversation!

My suggested method for getting the most out of this lesson

1. Watch and listen to the conversation
Watch the conversation several times just to allow your ears to get used to the sounds. Don’t worry too much about understanding for the moment.

2. Read the transcript
Look for any expressions you don’t understand. Look them up on the internet. When you join the course, you’ll also be able to ask your questions directly to me, so I can help you understand better.

3. Watch the video lesson
I’ll explain the sounds and colloquial vocabulary from our conversation. It’s a good idea to have the conversation transcript with you while you watch the video lesson. This way, you can make notes about things you learn.

4. Do the worksheets to test your comprehension
Listen to the audio extracts several times before you try to write your answers. This helps your ear become familiar with the fast sounds.

5. Check your answers
The answers to all of the activities are provided at the end of each worksheet. And if you have questions, when you join the course, you can ask them directly to me!

6. Watch the full video conversation again
You’ll notice that you understand more of the conversation! You can repeat these exercises to train your ear, and I recommend doing this several times, regularly. You’ll also start to understand more in conversations or when you watch movies in English.

7. Improve your pronunciation too
Do the pronunciation exercises, as revision and consolidation. This allows you to practice your pronunciation, become familiar with the sounds even more, and improve both comprehension and pronunciation with one exercise.

Take the time to do the complete lesson, do the exercises, even download everything. You can keep it!

Catching up, with Michael

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