How to use “get” in English

get in English

How to use “get” in English

There are lots of challenges when it comes to learning English.

Sometimes it’s a lack of vocabulary. Sometimes you don’t find your words.

As a result, you use structures that don’t sound very natural in English.

This also can limit your comprehension. Sometimes you think you know a word, but it has different meanings that maybe you don’t know.

“Get” is a good example, because it can mean many different things in English.

“Get in English: So many definitions

The word “get” is a perfect example of this. It has so many meanings!

How many? Watch today’s video to find out 🙂

“Get” is a super useful word in English. You can use “get” all the time to make short, simple sentences that are clear and sound completely natural.

Add “get” to your vocabulary, and you’ll have more English-sounding structures.

If you’re reading this, it’s because you want to improve your vocabulary and speak more fluently.

Those are very BIG goals, and “get” is such a small word. But a big goal is really an accumulation of small victories, right?

I really believe that the path to success is paved with small victories. Small victories let you see your progress. Seeing your progress keeps you motivated. In fact, it’s the BEST way to stay motivated, according to a huge study on motivation by Harvard Business Review.

Even if today’s video is about a very tiny word, it will take you one small step closer to fluency in speaking and understanding English.

And here’s a link to the magazine Go English! that you saw in the video today. It’s the best magazine in France if you want to improve your English by reading articles on everyday subjects. I highly recommend it.

Now, I’d love you to try something this week.

Write a few sentences using “get” in the comments.

We’ll try to identify which meaning you used! You can write your sentences in the comments section below.

Remember that to improve your English, you need to use it as often as possible. Sharing your comments in English here on the blog is a great opportunity to find people to practice with, busy professionals just like you who want to improve their English.

You too can help The Speak English with Christina community by joining the discussion.

As always, thanks so much for letting me help you reach your goals. Together, we’re going to make big progress.

Have a great week in English,



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