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How To Answer “How Are You?”

If you travel to the United States, everyone will ask you “How are you?”

Or “How are you doing?”

Or “How you doing?”

What’s the correct response? Watch the video to find out!

vocabulaire vin anglais

Vocabulary To Talk About Wine

When you go to a restaurant with friends and colleagues, it's nice to have a glass of wine (especially California wine!)

Talking about wine is a lot of fun. It adds to the experience of enjoying the meal with good company.

Wine vocabulary isn't snobby or complex or difficult. But you need the correct vocabulary words. You'll find them in this video. 

phrasal verbs

5 Phrasal Verbs You Need To Know

I've been teaching English since 2004. If there's one thing that is difficult for EVERYBODY, it's phrasal verbs.

It's like a disease! No one is safe from phrasal verbs!

If you have an elementary level, phrasal verbs are difficult.

If you have an advanced level, you still have problems with advanced phrasal verbs.

Even if you can understand episodes of Game of Thrones in English, phrasal verbs can still be difficult.

You know, little expressions like “figure out”, “fill in”, “show up”…

This video helps you understand 5 phrasal verbs in English that you need to know.

vocabulaire anglais aéroport

Vocabulary To Talk About Your Flight In English

Have you ever met someone at the airport?

If you said yes, I'm sure you know what types of problems you can have with flights: lost luggage, delayed flights, cancelled flights...

The list of possible incidents is endless!

Ay, ay, ay. If you take a plane during peak travel season, like Christmas or summer vacation, I'll cross my fingers for you!

This video will help you have the necessary vocabulary to talk about your flight in English.

4 Expressions From William Shakespeare That We Use Every Day In English

Here ye, here ye, good folk of the Speak English Community! Hath I good tidings for thou!

(Translation : Hey, Ambassadors! I have something good for you!)

So you don't understand the English of William Shakespeare?

Neither do a lot of native English speakers.

Well... yes and no.

It's true that no one talks like William Shakespear. We don't say “tis”, “thou”, or “doth” anymore. But Shakespeare gave us a lot of expressions that we do use everyday.

You'll learn 4 important ones in this video. 

film en anglais


Do you prefer Bruce Willis or Woody Allen?

Let me guess...

Personally, one of my favorite movies is Midnight in Paris. Going back to 1920s Paris, sipping vermouth with Hemingway and dancing the Charleston with F. Scott Fitzgerald. Yep, that's been my dream since I was a student.

It's nice to dream, right? That's what movies are for!

Even if this vocabulary lesson isn't exactly the same cinematographic masterpiece has Titanic, you'll still learn vocabulary to talk about your favorite movies in English (and there are some special effects too!)

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