How to describe a film in English

film en anglais

How to describe a film in English

Woohoo! I’m back!! And today we’re going to learn how to describe a film in English.

I like vacation. Even if I am American, and Americans never take vacation…

But it’s something that I appreciate about life in France. Real vacation.

But I missed you too.



And I have some big news!

Speak Better, Feel Great is changing. It’s becoming Speak English with Christina!

What’s the difference?

What’s more important is what will be the same. A free video lesson each week, with fun and humor to make it easy to become fluent in American English.

You’ll still have subjects about business English, confusing grammar and vocabulary points, tips and advice to learn better, and the series Tame the Hot Potato. 

And of course, Speak English with Christina will continue to be the best community to learn American English. You and other Speak English Ambassadors make this such a fun community, with your positive attitude, enthusiasm, and motivation. Thanks so much.


Ready to discover Speak English with Christina?

Décrire un film en anglais - Describing movies in English

To learn more vocabulary on how to describe a film in English, I recommend this article that summarizes the 2016 summer blockbusters. It’s short, sweet, in English, and has lots of useful vocabulary.

Now, what about you?

What’s your favorite movie? Tell us about it: what type of movie is it? What’s the story?

And do you have a good  film to recommend for me?

All the best to you,


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