American or British English?

anglais britannique ou américain

(Tu peux aussi lire cet article en français, en cliquant ici)

American or British English? 

That is the question (and the topic of today’s video).

But before that, I would like to tell you a story of my beginnings with the French language. And it’s not very glorious…

When I left to do my exchange program in 2002, I was 1st in my French class at university (You know Lisa Simpson? Romain says it’s me …)

I embarked on my flight from Mississippi to Paris, certain that talking with “real French people” was going to be a piece of cake.


“Why do they speak so fast?”

“I never learned those expressions in French class!”

“When it’s just one French person, ok. When they talk to each other, I’m lost.”

“Why can’t they have subtitles, or speech bubbles like in comic books when they speak?”

It was so frustrating because in my class, I was doing very well. In real life, much less.

That’s why I created the video series “Apprivoiser la Patate Chaude” (“Taming the Hot Potato”) – (thanks for the title Manon,  you’re a super Speak English Ambassador! )

This week, it’s all about the question “American or British English”?

you’ll meet Vicki, an English lady who talks about how she had to learn to speak American when she moved to the US.

It is true spoken English, between 2 native English speakers. Are you ready?

Each video in the Apprivoiser la Patate Chaude series is accompanied by a Hot Potato Sheet: exercises and transcript of the dialogue to help you follow them. Every. Single. Word.

Click here to get yours!

Now, it’s your turn! 

What other differences do you know in British and American English?

Share your words in the comments.

Maybe it turns out that you know more words than I do (since I never learned British English!)

All the best to you,


(Tu peux aussi lire cet article en français, en cliquant ici)

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Clique l'image pour regarder l'épisode. C'est magique !

dialogue en anglais


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