Interview with Estelle Tracy – American food vs French food

American food compared to French food

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Ah French food compared to American food …

You could almost say there’s not competition…

Or as we say in English “The battle was over before it even started.” In other words, one of the competitors has no chance of winning (I’ll let you guess which one it is …)

But no!

This week, I’m talking toEstelle Tracy, a super culinary blogger, and author of Le Guide de Survie Alimentaire aux Etats-Unis. 
(Don’t miss this offer: The 1st 24 people to order her book also get a bar of fabulous craft chocolate from American chocolate maker Mackinzie Rivers.
It’s delicious and will destroy your stereotypes of American chocolate!)

French ingredients vs American ingredients

If you think your French recipes will work with American ingredients … wrong!

Butter is not the same. Milk neither. Flour, let’s not even talk about it …

In short, if you want to impress your American friends with a “real” quiche lorraine or crêpes like in France, you need this book.

In addition, Estelle shares many tricks and recipes on her blog Le Hamburger et le Croissant (I love the name!)

Differences between American and French cuisines

Apart from the ingredients, what are the differences between American and French cuisine?

That’s the subject of our discussion!

On the program:

Good American desserts (4:20)

The differences between American and French breakfast (6:00)

Where to find an excellent, authentic American breakfast in Paris (6:45)

What impressed me in French supermarkets when I arrived in France (7:50)

What shocked Estelle in US supermarkets (10:00)

My problem with French pastries at the beginning of my life in France (12:08)

What shocked me in the eating habits in France (but that I appreciate now …) (13:45)

Estelle’s tricks to “survive” in another culinary culture, especially in the US (15:20)

This is the 1st part of our discussion and the 2nd part will be published on January 24, 2017. You’ll learn what it is about Americans and cinnamon, and many other insights on food in the US,

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Now it’s your turn:

What’s the best / worst / strangest / most surprising thing you’ve eaten in American cuisine?

Share your experience in the comments, and let’s continue the discussion!

All the best,


(Tu peux aussi lire cet article en français, en cliquant ici)

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