American Summer Fun 1: Practical Pronunciation Lessons

Here we go for a fun summer of English revision!

Think of it as a virtual road trip through my top tricks & tips from Speak English with Christina.

Maybe you’re all alone in the office, or enjoying a break on the beach, but for the next 4 weeks, we’re going to have fun together, giving your English a summer boost!

This week, it’s all about practical pronunciation lessons:

How to Pronounce Going To

You’ve probably already realized that the way you write English and the way your pronounce English are often totally different. You see this: “going to”, and you hear “gonna.”

Did you know there’s another way Americans pronounce this expression, “going to”? You’ll never guess what it is!

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How to pronounce "going to" - American pronunciation & comprehension


How to Pronounce the Long /ee/ Sound: Sheet vs shit, and Other Examples

Have you ever said some things that were not so nice, because your pronunciation was incorrect? For example, you say “Let’s go to the bitch this afternoon” when you clearly want to say “the beach”?

These mistakes are common, but today, you’ll learn how to NEVER make these mistakes again.

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How to pronounce "shit" & "sheet" - English pronunciation lessons


4 Very Embarrassing Pronunciation Mistakes

As if it weren’t bad enough blushing because you asked for a “shit of paper”… Make these pronunciation mistakes and you’ll say all sorts of embarrassing (or funny) things that you didn’t intend to.

Fortunately, a little focus on your syllable stress and vowel sounds can save you from an embarrassing situation.

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4 VERY Embarrassing English Pronunciation Mistakes - Improve Your English Pronunciation & Accent


How to Pronounce the American “R”

Try to pronounce this sentence: “Rihanna rode her horse in the street parade in New Orleans.” Not so easy, right? The “R” sound is one of the most difficult sounds in American English.

But it’s also a very common, and if you pronounce it correctly, you sound much more natural. Learn how to position your mouth to make the right sounds in this lesson.

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How to Pronounce the American R - American English pronunciation lessons

You’ve got a week to practice your pronunciation! You can do it!

My best tip to improve your pronunciation?

Record yourself, listen to the recording, and see what you need to improve. Then, get the help of a teacher (like me!) to show you what to change to have correct pronunciation.

Next week, you’ll learn to master the tricky aspects of English: phrasal verbs, past tenses, strange pronoun use, and more.

Stick with this program, and when you get back from vacation, your friends will notice:

A) Your nice summer tan, and

B) your good English 😉
See you next week,


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