Build in Public: Backstage at Business English with Christina

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Build in Public

I’ve had my business for 7 years now.

And there’s something that I find fascinating: Looking at how OTHER people create & run their businesses!

I think we all have this curiosity to know how other people do things.

Maybe it’s to find ideas & inspiration.

Maybe it’s just curiosity to see how we compare.

I could spend hours each day just reading about how other people do things that I do too! Couldn’t you? (Like, aren’t you curious to know how other people improve their Business English? 😉

If you follow entrepreneurs or companies on LinkedIn, you probably have seen the phrase “Build in public” recently.

Here’s a short, simple definition of this concept:

“Build in Public is the practice of sharing stories about how products or services were — and are — being developed, with the objective of inspiring and engaging with like-minded people.”


I LOVE it!

And it’s something that I’m thinking about doing in 2023… but only if it interests you.

Let me tell you more about what I’m thinking of, in this week’s video.

🎤Tell me what YOU think 🎤

To know if you are interested in going backstage at Business English with Christina, I created a short survey for you.

Please click here to tell me if you would be interested in this project (or not!)

And I’ll update you with the results early December!

I’m very curious to see what you think of this!

Have a great week,

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