Who’s in our community and why are they learning English?

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Why are you improving your English

This past weekend, I traveled to Ireland for a teaching conference. But here’s something interesting…

It was a conference for French teachers, not English teachers (and I do NOT teach French!)

But it was interesting to see that French teachers face the same challenges as English teachers.

And it was reassuring to feel “I’m not alone with my questions, hesitations, struggles.”

I want you to see that too.

To see that you are not alone, and like many other members of our Business English with Christina community, you have your personal reasons for improving your English.

You have struggles and challenges.

You have a deep motivation to improve yourself.

You may remember, last week, I sent a questionnaire to you, asking you about all of these things.

And so many people responded! (Thank you!!)

Today, I want to share with you a portrait of us. A portrait of the Business English with Christina community.

Curious to know why more than 500,000 are learning English, and what they are struggling with?

Watch today’s special community video to find out!

I hope you enjoy seeing who we are. I know I certainly enjoyed reading all your answers, your questions, your struggles (so I can better help you eliminate them in the future!) And I sincerely thank everyone who took the time to answer my questionnaire.

And if you didn’t have the chance to answer the questionnaire, I’d love to know: Why are you improving your English, and what is your biggest struggle today?

You can reply directly in the comments. I read every comment I get!

Here’s to you, and here’s to us: the best community of learners in the world!

All the best,


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