Covid-19 around the world

Covid 19 around the world

Would you be brave enough to make a video in English? And share it with 450,000 people?

Sounds intimidating, right?

But 9 members of our community went outside of their comfort zone, to share their experience of Covid-19 with you.

Curious to see how they survived and thrived* during the pandemic?

— The Extra Mile: Vocabulary tips  —
(Look for the words with a “ * ” ):

  • To thrive = to grow and to develop
  • To get to do something (ex. Get to meet people) = to have the good opportunity to do something
  • To get to know people = to learn about someone by spending time with them

One thing I love about my work: I get to meet* people from around the world!
Different cultures, different life experiences, different languages… That’s been my dream since I was a kid!

When you get to know* people who are different from you, you see that, even though we have differences, we also have a lot in common.

We see that we are a global community, really.

A community of open-minded, courageous people encouraging and supporting each other. Learning from each other. Helping each other become better, in English and as human beings.

Today’s episode is very special

It’s a compilation of personal videos, from members of the Speak English with Christina community, about how they managed the Covid-19 situation.

You’ll see in the episode, not everyone speaks perfect English. Not everyone feels super confident about making a video in English.

But there’s something they have in common:

They’re courageous, enthusiastic, and want to share a little part of their lives with you

…to help you feel better about speaking English.

…to help you realize that a lot of people around the world are having the same feelings as you, with this global pandemic.

…to bring hope & inspiration for the coming months.

From Brazil to France, Argentina to Italy, passing by Serbia and Saudi Arabia…

Here are stories from our global community. Enjoy. 🙂

Share your story with us too!

If you missed my invitation to be a part of this episode, here’s your chance to join in the project!

Share in the comments a little story from your experience during the Covid-19 pandemic.

How are things today where you are?
How was your experience during the past few months?
How are you feeling about the future?

Tell us what country you’re in, and we’ll see that we are truly a global community, working together to help each other become more confident in English, step by step.

Take care,

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