5-Day Challenge: Supercharge your English with the best strategies from an English Coach.

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I’m really excited to announce a 5-day challenge that is going to change your English. For good. It starts today and lasts all week.

Join me live on YouTube at 12pm CET 12pm CET / 6am EST Monday May 22 through Friday May 26, 2023.

This 5-day challenge is going to help you finally understand how to create an effective routine to practice your English.

It’s going to be live, lots of fun…and free.  I’ll teach you a proven method backed by neuroscience and designed by a Neurolanguage and Business English coach (me!).

You’ll be able to start these new strategies now. And you’ll be able to keep doing them in the time you have. And if you do?

You’ll be ready for that new job. You’ll feel credible at work. You can ditch the ‘impostor syndrome’ you feel when you can’t quite do a good enough job in English.

I want you to make sure your English habits are effective.
Because I see people using inefficient strategies for years.
And working for years. Without making any progress.

Enough of that! Let’s help you get the right strategies in place today.  I want you to see what happens when you finally start using effective English strategies. And do you know what happens when you do?

It all seems to add up:
All of those years of frustration.
All that time you thought was wasted.
And something surprising happens.

You realize that all of those lessons and skills you ‘almost’ learned are still there.

It all comes together. Everything changes. You start making progress and it feels incredible.

You deserve that.

I hope you’ll join me–and take your first steps toward feeling confident and credible when you do your job in English.

Read on for the schedule of our 5-day English challenge. 


Boost Your English! 5-Days: 5 smart, surprising & simple changes for confidence in English. Live with Christina Rebuffet–And Free! Are you in?

Feeling stuck with your English? Fixing your problem is easier than you think. Let me help you with all my experience coaching 100s of clients, my background as a business owner, and my expertise as a Neurolanguage coach.

Start 5 new habits to help you speak, practice, and improve–now. Join the challenge today.


1. How to find time to improve your English skills: Monday, May 22nd. 
2. How to feel confident talking to anyone: Tuesday, May 23rd
3. How to stop blocking in conversations when you can’t find your words: Wednesday, May 24th
4. My trick to help you stop struggling with tenses: Thursday, May 25
5. Why practicing once a week will not get you to your goal: Friday, May 26

1. How to find time to improve your English skills

We’ll kick things off by working on ONE of your Business Communication skills in English.

Remember, the first thing you can do is decide to start now if English is your priority.

And, if you’re busy, the next thing you’ll want to do is follow my 3-step method:

  • Evaluate the most important Business English skills you need now.
  • Pick ONE to work on first.
  • Create a doable plan

Doable–you know what I mean.
There are plans that make you nervous, that you realize you just don’t have time for.
Or that aren’t possible for you. The kind of plans that make you want to avoid that project…even fear it.

And then there are the kinds of plans and next steps where you look at it and say,
Huh, I can do that. Let me get started right away.
That’s the kind of plan you’ll come up with in this session. Doable.

And it’s a plan you will actually write down and add to your schedule.

That seems simple, but this is the number 1 thing I see people skip in their English practice. And it really holds people back. But not you. Not anymore.

2. How to feel confident talking to anyone

You know you’ve got to start with your business skills, but you also know you can’t only work on your business skills.

If you do that, you won’t ever really feel fluent or confident–or competent at work.
And you’ll be missing out on the ability to do small talk, and create great business connections through networking.

Plus you’ll miss all the fun of actually having frequent, informal conversations in English.

In today’s video, you’ll learn ONE new skill that will change the way you see starting conversations in English. I won’t tell you what it is. It’s my secret technique–that I also use.

An extremely surprising technique that will give you so much more confidence starting conversations with anyone.


3. How to stop blocking in conversations when you can’t find your words

You’re on a roll. (Which just means you’re picking up momentum).

You’ve figured out you need to start with ONE important Business English skill and make a doable plan to work on that.

You’ve taken one small step that will help you find the confidence to start more conversations in English. And become a “frequent speaker.”
That’s like being a “frequent flier”–the more you practice, the more “miles” you earn.
And when you reach your goal who knows where you will decide to go next?

4. My trick to help you stop struggling with tenses

There is nothing fun about second-guessing yourself. And there is definitely nothing fun about making English much more complicated than it needs to be.

Find out how native speakers make English simple for themselves–and how you can too.
And make a big change in the way you feel in conversations.

No more wondering if you should say,
“I will have been working at this position for 6 months…” 

Native speakers don’t actually speak that way. You deserve better.
I’ll show you what to say instead and how to stop getting stuck with verb tenses. It’s going to make your conversations so much better.

5. Why practicing once a week will not get you to your goal

In this last short, inspiring video, I’ll give you all the reasons backed by neuroscience why practicing your English once a week won’t help you reach your goals.

If you’ve been trying to fix your English this way, don’t worry. You haven’t wasted all that time.

You just need to put in place a much smarter English routine to take everything that you’ve ‘sort of’ learned…

And be able to actually apply that in conversation.
It happens faster than you think.

I’ll have some concrete (and doable) next steps you can start taking now to reach your goals.



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