American Food vs French Food with Estelle Tracy, part 2

Estelle Tracy

The other day at lunch, a friend asked me what I missed about American food.

My answer? Mexican food!

One of the things I love about the US is the variety of food that’s easily available. Typical American, Mexican, Lebanese, Chinese, Italian, you name it.

And then we got on to a very long discussion on American food because everyone loves talking about food. Don’t you?

Let’s welcome back Estelle Tracy

This week, it’s a pleasure to welcome Estelle Tracy back for part 2 of our interview on French food vs. American food.
If you missed part 1, be sure to watch it here

There are so many things that many people don’t know about American food.
It’s not all hamburgers and brownies. And even if we have the same ingredients like flour and milk, they’re not really the same.

You’ll hear about my catastrophic crêpe story at 09:35…
American flour is not really like French farine

On the program:

The food flavor that is everywhere in the USA and Turkey! (2:57)

Estelle’s tips for French people traveling to the US in terms of food (5:00)

Food vocabulary you don’t learn in school, that you need to survive in the US (6:27)

Ingredients that are NOT the same in the France and the US, despite appearances (7:15)

The exact differences between French flour and American flour (11:00)

Now, what about you?

What’s your favorite American food?
Share your favorites in the comments below! You might have something that another Ambassador doesn’t know about. Share the foodie love!  

Enjoy your lunch,


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French food compared to American food


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