Bye-bye Business English Mastery bonuses!

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Final day bonuses

In English, we have an expression: Time flies when you’re having fun. 

Last week, I opened enrollment for my Virtual Immersion program Business English Mastery. 

And today is already the final day to get the 3 free bonuses when you enroll!

3 free bonuses, to improve even faster

With a Virtual Immersion, you improve more in 3 months than in a year of traditional lessons. That’s already impressive.

And these bonuses help you achieve your goals even faster!

They have a value of 600€, but you get them for FREE!

You get:

  • 3 free sessions with me, to define your goals and the best way to reach them
  • My essential tips for training your brain to learn better and faster (PDF)
  • A free follow-up session with me, after the end of your program. (To help you stay on track with your English routine!)

…but you cannot wait!

To get the bonuses, you must enroll in Business English Mastery Full Virtual Immersion before midnight CEST (“Paris time”) tonight!

Click here to enroll in Business English Mastery Full Virtual Immersion before the bonuses disappear

Maybe you know you would love this program, but you’re still not sure that Business English Mastery is for you.

Business English Mastery is for you if you…

  • have reached an intermediate plateau and you feel limited in your improvement
  • lack confidence in English at work
  • have tried different English methods in the past, and were disappointed
  • need a coach to hold your hand and guide you at each step
  • use English in your work for presentations, conf calls, meetings, but also for socializing, networking, and working with clients
  • feel afraid, embarrassed or just not fully competent in English and are ready to change that

You already know how much I help you improve your business English, and you trust me to guide you (Thank you!)

Maybe you want the opinion of someone like you

More than 50 professionals already successfully completed this program. In just 3 months, they became much more confident using business English.

But before they enrolled, they had the same questions as you:

  • Does this program work?
  • Do I have time for it?
  • Do I have the correct level?

Here’s what 2 past clients said after they completed the program

Neil U., an agronomy assistant from France, who lives in the USA. He wanted to stop translating in his head, and feel more “free” speaking English:

  • “I improved my vocabulary, sentences, and fluency speaking. It’s really customized coaching, and I was able to improve the way I needed. It’s step by step, so I made progress easily. I can now think and speak at the same time more easily, and that’s what I wanted.”

Paula L., a health economist from Argentina. She wanted to be more visible in her company, and participate more in important discussions:

  • “Before I joined, I felt shy and embarrassed about my English. And I have a lot of calls in English! I learned more vocabulary, improved my pronunciation, and my confidence. Now, I find my words a lot more easily, even if I don’t have the exact word. I feel better in calls, and I can speak better in meetings and discussions at work. And I have a good routine to continue improving.”

Do you want to know what other clients said?

Click here to read success stories from 12 other past clients, just like you

You can be sure that Business English Mastery WILL help you:

  • Speak business English more naturally, more fluently
  • Feel credible and legitimate when you work in English
  • Improve your listening skills for real conversations
  • Speak with clearer, better pronunciation
  • Write in English more correctly, and faster
  • Have much more confidence to express your ideas in English

Are you ready to feel more confident using business English?

Click here to enroll in Business English Mastery Full Virtual Immersion, and get your 3 free bonuses

The bonuses disappear at midnight Paris time, tonight.

Don’t wait!

See you soon,

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