My Get The Job course is open, and it’s going to boost your career

Get The Job Course

Today, I’m so excited to open the doors to my Get The Job course to you.

It’s helped so many students improve their business English and get the career they want.

Now it’s your turn.

Let’s dream a little…

Imagine, you arrive at the office. Your colleague Anna says “Congratulations for Miami!”
You smile. You’re proud of yourself, you admit it.

Last week, your company recruited 4 people to represent the company at a big event in Miami.

You hesitated to go to the interview. You weren’t sure your English was good enough. But you decided to try anyway.

Clearly, your English was good enough! Maybe not perfect, but you were convincing.

Now, you’re going to Miami for a week! And the company’s paying!

The best part? You’re excited about speaking English, not stressed.

How can you feel confident about your professional English?

Easy. Be sure your English is good enough for the career you want.

Learn to highlight the added value you bring.
Know how to talk about your experience.
Show that you’re confident, and that working in English is natural for you.

Free apps like DuoLingo won’t teach you this.

My online course “Get The Job” will.

Boost your English, boost your career

“Get The Job” students have succeeded in changing jobs, starting new jobs, and getting opportunities they thought weren’t possible.

Jessica, for example. Here’s an email she sent to me, about how Get The Job helped her:

job interview preparation english


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Fluent English to shine in your job

Getting the job is the first step. Then you need to do the job in English.

To help you, I’m giving you extra bonuses when you join the course before Monday November 13th:

  • The Conf Call Confidence Pack: Stop feeling lost in conf calls in English. It even teaches you to understand Indian, Chinese, and American accents!
  • Talking About Yourself in Small Talk bonus lesson: Learn to talk about yourself in friendly discussions. Little conversations lead to big opportunities!
  • Surviving Skype Interviews: Get past the 1st screening by learning to feel comfortable on Skype & the phone (including for surprise interviews).
  • The Ultimate Guide to a Perfect CV in English: Keep your CV up-to-date and avoid common mistakes that cost you opportunities.
  • Insider tips from a former recruiter: Learn what recruiters look for in English interviews, so you know exactly what to do and what to avoid.

Let me tell you a little more about the course:

Click here to join the Get The Job course and get all these bonuses

Any questions? Ask in the comments. I’ll respond to every question.

All the best,

PS: Yes, you get ALL the bonuses…if you join before Monday Nov. 13th.
Click here to join the Get The Job course today


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