How to use “how” in English

How to use “how” in English

Have you ever hesitated when asking a question with how in English?

Not sure how to formulate it correctly, asking yourself how to start it…

You want information about the duration of the meeting tomorrow, the delay in the project, and when your colleague Brad will be able to give you the information you’ve already asked him for 3 times.

Here’s a hint: For all of these questions, you’ll use “How”.

How exactly?

“How” is a very useful word in English, but it can be difficult to use it correctly and naturally. (Similar to “get”, which is also very useful. That’s why I made a video about it for you! Click here to watch the video “How to use ‘get’ in English)

“How” is everywhere in English.
It can change definitions, and it can combine with other words to create new meanings.

Just like Batman, today’s Speak English with Christina episode is going to beat this joker.

Go beyond just “how much” and “how many”

Adding more “how” questions to your vocabulary will make you sound more natural, and your American colleagues will instantly understand your question. You’ll speak the way they speak.

Today, you’ll learn some of the most common questions with “how” and also how it works, to be able to create your own new questions.

Questions with "How" in English - English Grammar Fun Time
So, how was it? Now that you’ve watched the video, I’d love to hear from you.

How many other expressions do you know that use “how”?

I’m sure you know at least one! Share it with the community in the comments below.

And don’t be afraid to make mistakes. I make mistakes ALLLLLL the time in French (as Romain loves to remind me…). But eventually, I improve. You will too.

Have a fantastic week in English,


P.S. When you finish learning about “how” in English, watch the lesson on “get” in English. It’s very useful too!


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