How to conclude a conversation politely

how to end a conversation

How to end a conversation

Have you ever been in a conversation that was interesting at the beginning, but then it dragged on?

For like, 12 minutes too long. The other guy (probably an American…we love to talk!) just kept on talking. And talking. And talking.

You started thinking about that email you needed to send to your boss before 4 o’clock.
You wanted time for a short coffee break.
You needed to call your colleague in New York. And your favorite Italian restaurant to reserve for dinner tonight. And your husband (or wife).

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…

Time was passing. And you were trapped in a boring conversation. You can’t just stop the conversation suddenly. That’s rude.

Why can’t you just end the conversation immediately?

Good news, you can! But you can’t just say “OK, I have to go send an email now. Um, have a nice day.”

No. That’s abrupt. That’s kind of rude. That’s not how to end a conversation politely.

But often, it’s how you end a conversation when you don’t know what to say in English to do it politely, like advanced speakers and native speakers do (well, native speakers with social skills… There are rude native speakers too).

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What’s the secret to end a conversation politely?

What’s the secret to concluding a conversation politely (and saving your precious time for important things, like coffee breaks)?

It’s super easy, the language is not complex, but you just need a few secrets. I’ll show them to you in today’s lesson.

This is one of those little secret “rules” of good conversation in English.

There are also lots of little rules to correct conversation in English. You’ll find 32 of them by clicking here.

What about you?

Have you ever been in a conversation that you wanted to conclude, but you didn’t know what to say?

This is going to be a fun subject, so share your stories in the comments so we can all sympathize with you!
Warmest wishes,

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