How To Finish Your Cover Letter in English

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lettre de motivation en anglais

Last weekend, I was in Munich for a conference about Business English.

I had the opportunity to see a few presentations of motivation letters in English, interviews and lots of other subjects that make business English trainers like me very happy.

And I’m always seizing the opportunity to practice my German and eat big pretzels too.

And good news! I wanted to share this with you, because I’m really happy!

My course Successful Small Talk was a finalist for the David Riley Award for Innovation in Business English.

There were competitors from a dozen countries and I am really proud to have finished 2nd!

2nd bit of good news, I`m reopening the registrations in November! Click here to find our more!

But let’s go back to our cover letter in English

How to finish your cover letter and give the recruiter the urge to call you?

It’s like when you write emails in English, there are standard formulas for a cover letter in English

They are not as fixed as the “Veuillez agréer mes salutations blah blah blah…” in French, but still, there are things we have to say.

When you put them in your letter, you show that you know how to speak good English, that you know the codes. And that’s what you want, right?

Above all, there is a sentence that should be avoided … It is too threatening!

For a good termination of your cover letter in English, everything is explained in this week’s episode:

This article from l’Etudiant also gives a great example of how to transform a bad cover letter in English, into a letter that does its job well.

Now, it’s your turn!

What expressions do you use already to conclude your cover letter in English?

What other questions do you have about writing cover letters in English?

Share your answers in the comments so everyone can to learn something!

All the best to you,


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