Hiking, flip-flops, and business English

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Have you ever been hiking in the mountains?

Where I live in France, it’s a popular activity. I love it.

In hiking, motivation is important. And preparation, too!

Let’s imagine you want to hike to the top, to see a beautiful view.  If you…

  • don’t know where to start.
  • are alone
  • don’t have a map (or GPS)
  • don’t ask a guide to help you know the route
  • do not fill your bottle of water before you leave
  • wear flip-flops instead of proper hiking shoes

…do you think you’ll get to the top?

With enough motivation, maybe.
But it will take a lot more time and effort. And you risk abandoning before you reach the top because it’s too difficult and frustrating.

Guess what. It’s the same with business English.

You work hard. You want the best. And you deserve it.

With better English, you’ll get a boost to the top. You’ll stop being blocked in your career, you’ll get promotions, new raises, more clients…

But first, you need to know where to start.

You want:

  • To learn English for specific business situations, like “feeling more confident at a meeting.” “Become more fluent on the phone.” Or “talk to people easily at a conference.”
  • To speak with confidence in all situations. With English clients, in an event in Germany, with your American supplier, with your boss from Denmark…
  • Get lots of practice speaking, to fit the way you learn.
  • Do this on your own schedule.

This week, I talked to Trisha, one of my amazing Expert English Teachers for professionals.

We talk about all of this, and the different options you have, in a brand-new exclusive video for you.

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The extra mile : English vocabulary 

  • A hike = A walk in the mountains or in nature
  • Flip-flops = Cheap plastic sandals, for the beach (not for hiking!)
  • A raise = A better salary
    ** ** ** ** ** **

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Speak Business English Confidently – a personal, flexible, effective system to help you speak English more correctly and feel more confident – opens on Wednesday, March 18th. Click here to watch Trisha’s interview and to see why a program like this is so important for your career. 

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