Introducing Yourself in English in Meetings

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se présenter au début d’une réunion

“It’s my turn now. What am I going to say? “

“I don’t like to introduce myself like that …”

“Hello, uh … my name is Jean-Pierre, I’m 44 years old, I have 2 children …”

If you have already participated in a meeting in English, I am sure that you had made a small tour to introduce yourselves in English. In general, just after the meeting leader says “OK, let’s go around the table and introduce ourselves.”

It seems so simple. To introduce yourself in English, in a few sentences.

The level of English is not too complex. You don’t need to present all your career or the details of your last project.

You just have to talk about yourself, your job and give a very comprehensive summary of your experience. You are an expert on the subject!

Easy, right? Euh….

To introduce yourself in English, ok… but how?

When you think about it, even in your mother tongue, it’s not that simple.

How long should we talk? What should we include?

To be honest, this is something I don’t find easy too, in English as in French, and I attended my fair share of meetings.

But even then, whenever you have to introduce yourself, I find myself frantically scribbling a few notes during this famous table tour, rather than listening to others.

If you also do this, this week’s SBFG episode is for you.

How To Introduce Yourself Before A Meeting In English - Business English Lessons

When’s your next meeting in English?

Let the SBFG Community help you prepare!

Go ahead and introduce yourself in the comments below.

We can say that it is like a meeting of SBFG Ambassadors 🙂

Don’t forget that thousands of French professionals come here to boost their English and their careers. Your enthusiasm may be the “trick” that inspires someone else to improve his English a little more, today.

You know how much I appreciate you, but let me say it again. Thank you.

Have a fantastic week in English,


P.S. Let your team show off at the next meeting in English. Share this video with them so they can all introduce themselves without talking about their age, hobbies, or ending with “…et voilà.”

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