LinkedIn to Get U.S. Clients: 5 Mistakes by European Entrepreneurs

linkedin profile for us clients

linkedin profile for us clients

Imagine getting a ton of qualified leads for your business, from the US market – that’s the power of a LinkedIn presence optimized for American audiences! 

But for European entrepreneurs, there can be a hidden challenge: cultural differences in how profiles are perceived. 

But don’t worry, we can fix this.

By following these simple steps, you can transform your profile into an American client magnet.

There are many reasons Europeans struggle to optimize their profiles for the US market.

  • Cultural disconnect: European business culture can be more formal and indirect, while Americans often crave clear, concise, casual communication and action-oriented profiles.
  • Too much jargon Technical terms and acronyms might fly over the heads of American prospects unfamiliar with European business lingo.
  • Understating accomplishments: Europeans sometimes downplay accomplishments, while American audiences often favor profiles that quantify success with numbers and results.
  • Not enough social proof: While recommendations hold weight in both cultures, Europeans might be less proactive in requesting them compared to American professionals.

Like I said, fixing these problems is not super hard, it just takes some adapting, and a willingness to change your perspective (easier said than done sometimes!)

Here’s how to make sure your LinkedIn profile doesn’t drive away US clients:

Mistake #1: A headline that doesn’t scream value

Your headline is prime real estate – it’s the first impression you make on a potential client. 

Imagine an American prospect who happens to find your profile. They want to see something clear and concise, that communicates clear value. 

Instead of a lengthy title filled with acronyms, think action verbs and quantifiable results.  

For example, instead of “Marketing Director at ABC Company,” try something like “Growth Hacker | Increased Sales by 30% for Tech Startups.” 

A simple but super effective template I teach with my clients is Example:Immigration Lawyer (USA. → France) | Visa Processing, Relocation Support, Legal Advice | Simplifying your move with a 98% success rate.

See the difference?

Mistake #2: A super boring summary

Your summary is your chance to shine a spotlight on your expertise and wow potential clients.  But if it is written like a boring corporate description, American prospects will think you’re boring, too formal, and even less credible. 

So stop using overly formal language and jargon. American business culture tends to favor storytelling and highlighting specific achievements.  

Think about a time you used your skills to solve a client’s problem – paint a picture with your words and showcase the results!

Here are some examples of summaries that stand out: 

Mistake #3: An experience section that just describes each job’s activities

Your experience section is where you show off your skills and experience.  

However, when I audit my European clients’ LinkedIn profiles, they often downplay their accomplishments, or don’t mention them all, in the experience section.

Their experience section looks like a list of job descriptions, not a list highlighting their accomplishments.

While modesty is a noble characteristic, American audiences tend to quantify success with numbers and results.  

So, level up  your experience section by using metrics and focusing on the impact you made at previous jobs.  

Did you streamline a process that saved the company time?  Quantify it!

Have you helped clients succeed at something? Say how many!

Did you increase sales for your company? Say how much! 

Mistake #4: The language barrier… and it’s not the one you imagine!

Business terms can be like a secret language. Every industry has its own language. That’s normal. But sometimes that secret language gets lost in translation.  

While certain acronyms and EU-centric business terms might be obvious for you and your peers or clients on this side of the Atlantic, American prospects might have no idea what you are talking about.

Avoid acronyms and overly technical terms that could create a barrier.  If you are not 200% sure that an acronym or vocabulary term is totally transparent.

How can you be sure (and build your network at the same time)?

Quick & easy! 

  1. Using LinkedIn search, look for someone who is based in the US and who works in your field
  2. If you are not yet connected, send them a connection request. Include a message like this one: “Hey [first name], This may seem random, but I’m a [your nationality + job title] trying to re-do my profile to get more US clients. I’m not sure about this term: [insert term you want to verify]. Can you tell me if you understand it? Random, I know. But I just need 1 input from a US peer! Thanks! [your name]

You may be surprised at how open and helpful your American peers are!

Mistake #5: No social proof

Recommendations and endorsements on LinkedIn are like gold stars– they show potential clients that you’re real, credible, and you get results.

However, the lack of social proof might be interpreted differently in the US compared to Europe.

In Europe, yes, testimonials and social proof are important.
In American business culture, they carry a lot more weight.  And if you don’t have any, that could be seen as a red flag! 

So, don’t be afraid to politely ask satisfied clients and colleagues for a glowing endorsement on your profile.

It’s great if you have American clients you can ask. But if not, ask ANY clients you have! Just be sure to ask them to write it in English.

If they’re not comfortable writing in English, ask them to use Deepl to translate their recommendation into English. (If you explain WHY it’s important for the testimonial to be in English, they’ll probably be happy to do it).

That’s all for this week. 

By following these steps and tailoring your profile for the American audience, you can turn it into a client magnet that attracts a flood of US prospects.  

Do you think your LinkedIn profile is repulsing your American prospects? Book an audit with me and we can create a US-aimed action plan together. 

Ready to attract a flood of US prospects?

Book a LinkedIn profile audit with me and we can create a US-focused action plan together.

Let’s unlock the full potential of your American Dream!

See you next week,

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