9 Words You Need To Understand In A Meeting In English

Has this ever happened to you in a meeting in English?

You’re in a meeting with Bob the American and everything’s going more or less ok, then he says a word you’ve never heard.

You don’t understand. You try to guess what the word means. But it’s too late. The discussion has continued and now you feel lost and insecure.

In a time like this, knowing key vocabulary for the situation can save you a lot of stress.

Key vocabulary for a meeting in English

On today’s episode of Speak Better, Feel Great TV, learn 9 key words that Americans use all the time in meetings. I won’t say that they use these words in 100% of meetings, because fortunately, I don’t go to EVERY meeting in the US.

But I can confidently say that in 97% of meetings in English, you’ll hear at least two of these words.

In other words, they’ll be useful in your next meeting in English!

9 Key Words To Understand More In Meetings

Now, I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, tell us:

Which words have you heard in a meeting in English? Did you understand them in the past?

Remember that thousands of other French-speaking professionals come here to boost their English and boost their career. Your contribution may be exactly what someone else needs to build their confidence, speak better English, and feel great about themselves.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, and practicing your English here. I’m amazed by the growing success of our community, and I’m thrilled to help you every week!

Have a fantastic week in English,


P.S. I’m sure you have a friend or colleague who attends meetings in English. Could they benefit from these words? Then share them!

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