Learning English with no social skills?

social skills in English

Some students come to me with their specific problems.

Even talented students! For instance, one student, a young man with an impeccable English level, told me:

“Yeah, Christina, I’m worried. I know I can speak English during the lessons, but… I’m never able to use it in real life! I’m afraid of making conversation with people, I always feel it’s awkward and unnecessary. I just don’t know where to start!

That’s a common problem, and it might happen to you too!

Maybe you’re already comfortable with your close foreign colleagues and friends, and even in English lessons, but are you sure you’re ready for the important situations?

For example, maybe you’ll go to a conference, with a lot of people in your industry.

You briefly meet Mr Blue, a well-connected leader with fascinating projects, who you’d love to work with (or get advice from.)

He says “Hi! Good conference, huh?” to you.

You know all the vocabulary about your work, you’re confident about your skills…

But you only answer “Hi, yes,” and freeze awkwardly.
You try to think about something to say, but it all sounds “fake” or “weird” in your mind.

Then someone else catches Mr Blue’s attention with a smooth introduction, and you lose your one opportunity.

Can you relate to this situation?

Just like my student, you don’t need more grammar, or more vocabulary. You need confidence. You need to feel legitimate. You need reliable techniques.

And you need tips and scripts to make successful small talk, and improve your social skills in English. To know what’s the right thing to say.

Today I’m introducing a special series for my subscribers: “Small Talk, Big Success: Becoming Fluent, Comfortable, and Likeable in English.”

Soon, you’ll be able to connect with potential clients, current colleagues, and all other business partners in English. It’s your road to success.

You can get your free lesson on Social Skills right now:

What you’ll find:

→ Our biggest barriers to mastering social skills – and how you can overcome them
→ The hidden costs of bad social skills and not making small talk
→ The goals you can reach with good small talk – and how it will lead you to success

(Of course, once you’re ready to make some small talk, with the right mindset, and you understand its goals and rules, you might ask “Hey, so now what can I actually say?” Great question! You’re in luck, I have a surprise for you in the next lesson…)

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