Conseil d’Expert : Trouver Le Temps & Améliorer Son Anglais

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It doesn’t matter (peu importe) why you want to speak better English.

If you feel that your lack of time is stopping you from reaching the English level you want…

Today’s show is so important for you.

It’s a little different from your regular SBFG videos, because I know that today’s guest, Pat Brans, has expert advice that will help you find the time and the techniques to end (pour mettre fin à) your frustration.

You know, that frustration you feel when you want to improve your English (améliorer son anglais), but you feel like your work obligations and family obligations take all of your time and energy.

An expert in managing your time

Pat Brans is an expert in time management. He’s also the author of Master the Moment: Fifty CEOs teach you the secrets of time management. He teaches at the Grenoble Ecole de Management, writes for Forbes, and has helped top executives manage their crazy schedules to get more done (réussir à faire plus).

I also wanted to give you something extra special to mark the last video in the old studio!

Real, unscripted English to improve your comprehension

This video is a real, unscripted conversation between 2 Americans—very natural, authentic spoken English, complete with a few technical bugs. Just like in real life.

It may be more challenging than your regular SBFG videos, but I want to push you a little outside your comfort zone. In case (au cas où) I’m pushing you too far, you can activate subtitles in English OR in French for this video!

Here are just a few thing that you’ll discover in this video: 

  • Why time management ISN’T about just doing more
  • The surprising thing that’s stopping you from (qui vous empêche de) optimizing your time (and how to change it)
  • What Pat would respond to someone who says “I have too many other things to do. I don’t have time to improve my English, but I really want to.”
  • How to achieve any objective in English, no matter how busy you are

Plus, if you feel like your to-do list never ends, pay extra attention around the 13 minute mark.

Pat’s “Top 5” Technique is the one he personally uses to be focused and productive every day.

How To Find Time To Improve Your English, With Pat Brans

Finding time to achieve our dreams is a challenge we all face. I hope that today’s episode helps you (re)discover how to make time to move forward with your English project.

Now, Pat and I would love to hear from you.

What’s the biggest piece of advice you’re taking away (ici: retenir) from this rich conversation, and why?

Yes, more than one insight is allowed – but I’m truly curious about what is going to help you the most.

Remember that thousands of other French-speaking professionals come to SBFG to boost their English and boost their career. Your suggestion may be exactly what someone else needs to build their confidence, speak better English, and feel great about themselves.

Thank you so very much for watching, commenting and sharing. Your kindness and enthusiasm are so inspiring!

P.S. If you found this valuable, inspiring and worthy of your precious time, please share it. I can’t think of any better conversation for busy professionals to listen to. Huge thanks!

Have a fantastic week in English,


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