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understand real american english

With all the bonuses for “Understand Real American English Month”, I’m sure you’re seeing how real-life conversations are NOTHING like what you hear in English lessons.
Watch this episode now!

Sure, slow, articulate English lessons are comforting. You understand more easily…

But this won’t help you catch the slang expressions your American colleagues use in their coffee break conversations.

If you can’t follow, they’ll close the conversation when they realize you’re struggling to understand.

In real conversations, the words, the pronunciation, even the grammar is NOT what you learn in lessons.

See for yourself with a sample lesson, from my new course “Understand Real American English”

This is the 1st video in the “Understand Real American English” course!
Click here to do the complete lesson that goes with this video.

In our conversation, we don’t take care to slowly articulate.

Did you catch these things?

  • Our creative, informal language like “little finger cymbal thingies”, “She got something up under her contact”, and “poor thing.” This is so typical!
  • We interrupt each other ALL the time! You hear “little” noises like “OK yeah”, “Mm-hmm”, “Oh, ok”, and “Got it.” This is actually polite! Silence is rude.
  • Phrasal verbs are everywhere! You heard “coming in”, “flying into”, “pick them up”, “bottle it up”, “put up”, and more!
  • Written expressions, like “Who’s going to go pick them up” sound nothing like the spoken version: /hooz guhnnuh go pickuh mup?/

This is real spoken English

Not “school English.” It’s the English I speak with my friends and family (in fact, most of the conversations in the course feature my friends and family!)

Maybe your first reaction is “Oh, I understood some things! But the accents aren’t easy!”
Or “Ugh, it’s hard to understand what they say.”

That’s ok. The “Understand Real American English Course,” trains your ear, step by step, to decode fast, spoken English.

Registrations close in just a few days, on Wednesday April 4th

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See you in the course,


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