Understanding The Cashier At The Supermarket

Understanding The Cashier At The Supermarket

When you’re in the US, there are a few interactions that you’ll have all the time, like at the cash register of a store. And those cashiers talk fast!

These conversations at the cash register are full of little “formulas”, regular questions, and answers the cashier expects to hear. This conversation is quick! No hesitations!

Today, you’ll learn to understand the things you hear when you go shopping in the USA.


The inspiration for this lesson comes from the blog (in French) Belle Aventure USA, by Katrien a Belgian woman who lives in Tennessee. If you read French, you’ll enjoy her articles at https://bellaventureusa.wordpress.com. I love her sense of humor!

Her article “La couille de Noël: Délices linguistiques de saison” (I told you it was funny!) includes a practical guide for surviving the cash register discussion in American stores.

I thought her article would be a perfect lesson for you guys.


In the video, we’ll play a game.

You’re at the cash register at Wal-Mart, a big supermarket in the USA.

I’m the cashier. The person working at the cash register. You’re the customer.

In the game, I ask you some typical questions that you’ll hear at the cash register. You’ll hear each question twice, at regular speaking speed, like Americans really speak when they speak to other Americans.

See if you can understand what I ask you, and if you know how to respond. Good luck.

And now, you’re ready to master the fine art of going through the cash register at the American supermarket!

What about you?

Have you ever gone to a supermarket in the USA?

Did you hear any of these expressions when you went to the cash register? Did you know what to say?
Share your stories with us in the comments. I love reading your stories!


With the help of a few special Speak English Ambassadors (thanks Eva, Marion, Héloïse, Aurélie, Katrien, Caroline, Laurence, and Severine!), I’ve created the American Accent Survival Kit to help you understand 12 essential everyday phrases when Americans say them fast.

Click here to get your free kit 

Thanks so much for being part of the Speak English Community. It’s thanks to our discussions that I can create things like the American Accent Survival Kit for you guys.
Have fun with it,


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